6 Fabulos Spring Hair Care Tips

As winter comes to a close in the next month and Spring graces us with it’s presence on March 20, there are a few things that need to be done to keep our hair looking good. In spring season, the earth blossom with fresh leaves and flowers as well as the weather starts to get warmer. Now that the weather is warming up it is very important for you to start your spring and summer routine for your hair.

Hair often goes from dry and full of static to frizzy and sun bleached by the end of the summer. Preparing for this change of the seasons can help you have a better hair day all year. Here are some causes of the most maddening effects spring weather can have on your hair and what you can do to keep your locks luscious from March to May:

The Best Hair Care Tips in Spring Season

Spring is the ideal time to take good care of skin and hair so make yourself beautiful by using the skin and hair tips provided in this article.

  • Always apply conditioner after shampooing your hair at this time though you may have oily hair. Lack of moisturizer may make your hair frizzy. So take care of your hair against dryness.
  • Sudden changes in weather break the protective cuticles of the hair which result in split ends and breakages. So always cover your head with a silk scarf or hat to avoid direct sunlight whenever you go outside. You can apply sun guard lotion to the hair to protect it from the UV rays of the sun. To protect hair from stormy wind of spring use rubber band or clip.
  • A haircut is another way to not only whip your hair back into shape, but also give you a fresh new look for the new season. Short hair cuts are fun and fashionable in the warmer weather. Play with different versions of the classic bob or add some fringe to give a new twist to your old shape.
  • Humidity is another main problem of the hair. Do not let sweat accumulate inside your hair because it may make the hair root loose and the result is excessive hair loss. Wash your hair everyday to wash sweat everyday. Let your hair dry properly and naturally everyday.
  • A spray of sea salt or salt water is offering this great new look and then the hair is backcombed to achieve the effect of softly flowing hair even if its been gelled into place with a vengeance.
  • Take hot oil massage as after winter the hair becomes brittle, dry and frizzy. Then after massaging cover the hair with towel and wash it hair with light shampoo.

If you have dry hair and frizzy hair then you can read our these articles and fallow these hair care tips. I hope you will get rid to your hair problems.

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