The 8 Natural Hair Loss Home Remedies for Women

In general, hair loss is a condition that reflects the level of health of the person, although not a dangerous disease, millions of people are desperately seeking a cure for hair loss, our society drives us to look healthy and young, hair loss damages or looks and our self esteem, making us less sure of ourselves.

While hair loss and balding are common problems for middle aged individuals, in rare cases it can also affect adolescents. This can be remedied quite effectively by following a good hair care routine and making changes to your diet and lifestyle. The quality of your hair is largely determined by your diet and lifestyle.

The Natural Home Remedies for Hair Loss

There are more and more people who are turning to natural hair loss remedies as a way to stop their problem with alopecia. But don’t despair. In this article, I will help you to find the best natural hair loss remedy to help you cure your hair thinning problems.

  1. Egg yolk and milk contain proteins and vitamins that are essential for healthy hair while avocados are extremely high in healthy fats. After you apply the mixture to your hair use a shower cap to contain your body heat. This will enlarge the pores within your hair follicles and allow for better absorption. This deep conditioner will fortify your hair and prevent or minimize hair fall.
  2. In addition to this apply coconut milk to your hair at least once a week and leave over night. This will nourish your hair and strengthen it.
  3. Take Saw Palmetto, this herb unblocks hair follicles and heals the prostate (like the drug found in Rogaine) decreasing residues of dihydro testosterone (DHT) in the scalp. It is 3 times more effective then Proscar in healing the prostate. It may be 3 times better then Rogaine.
  4. Neem has been used in ayurveda for hundreds of years to help hair growth. Thickens hair, heals follicles and it cleans the scalp.
  5. Yemeni has a natural remedy for hair loss: Soak fenugreek (AKA maithray) in deep pot of water overnight. Massage the liquid into the scalp and wrap with a cloth for 3 hours. Repeat everyday for 1 month.
  6. Boil rosemary leaves in water, strain and save the liquid in a glass bottle. Use to wash the hair every day. You can also put the rosemary water in a sprayer and spray the hair every morning.
  7. Boil water and put blanch scented geranium leaves in it. Strain the water and allow it to cool. When cool, wash the hair with it.
  8. In a ½ cup of coconut oil, add some dry pieces of amla. Boil this mixture and when cool apply it on the scalp. This is beneficial in reducing hair loss.

Women are very conscious of their appearance and hair is an important part of their look. Hence the above remedies for hair loss in women will definitely prove to be helpful. These remedies for female hair loss will surely result in longer and stronger hair which will enhance their beauty.

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