The 6 Most Useful Upper Lip Hair Removal Tips at Home

Unwanted facial hair can be a real problem to men and women alike. There are many options for getting rid of the hair, but many are temporary and some are downright painful. Hair on upper lip is clearly visible among other facial hair. It really looks very odd and bothers a lot. Those girls with black hair often end up looking like adolescent boys.

Unfortunately, most women don’t know the proper methods and after effects of facial hair removal for women. You cannot afford to take the same liberties as the rest of your body with your face. Firstly, facial skin and hair is more delicate than the rest of the body. Moreover, it is the most visible part of body! There are quite a few alternatives available to get rid of the upper lip hair.

Upper Lip Hair Removal Tips at Home

There are several ways for upper lip removal at home that you can opt to do to get rid of the embarrassing hair growth:

1. Plucking: You can pluck out hair from your upper lips with tweezers. This kind of facial hair removal for women can be done at home but there are some problems with it. While doing it yourself you may not be able to make a clean sweep. This would mean uneven hair growth the next time around making you look weird.

2. Tweezing: Tweezing is the second popular method used by women to remove hair from their upper lips. In this method of hair removal, strands of hair are plucked out one-by-one with a small tool called plucker or tweezer. The method is equally painful as threading. But, plucking the hair out is time consuming and discomforting. In addition to this, the results are not satisfactory.

It fails to give you a smooth and completely done look. Actually, tweezing is a method used for removing hair that gets left over after threading or waxing. It is not advisable when you have to remove a large number of hair strands. Therefore, do not consider tweezing as a method for hair removal from your entire upper lip.

3. Bleaching: Bleaching is okay but it is not the appropriate method to treat upper lips. It makes the hair lighter but they are still visible. If you repeatedly bleach one particular area like upper lip, it would appear lighter than the rest of your face, drawing attention to the problem area. If you are bleaching, then do it with fruit bleach and once in a month.

4. Shaving: Shaving is a cheap and easy option since it is the one that is used mostly by men. Razors can easily be acquired from any store and this can be done even in a public toilet. However, this doesn’t often produce a very smooth effect which can give a worse effect for women than having an unshaved upper lip hair.

5. Waxing: Waxing is also not an appropriate method to treat upper lip area. For waxing you would have to wait for the hair to grow to a particular length. And when you get it done you would end up looking like a man who has just shaved his mustache. There would be a sudden white and pinkish look on to your upper lip.

6. Electrolysis: Threading, waxing and tweezing are the temporary methods for removing hair from upper lips or any other body part. However effective they may be, you have to spend time and money on them again and again. Therefore, going for a permanent solution is advisable.

One such method for permanent hair removal is electrolysis. It uses low voltage electricity to destroy the hair follicles. The effect is almost permanent but you need to pay a lot to get it done.

While these traditional methods continue to be used by many individuals today, there is another technique that can be done quickly in a doctor’s office and has been touted as a nearly permanent solution to unwanted hair.

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