Electrolysis Hair Removal Procedure For Unwanted Hairs

Women have been using various hair removal methods such as waxing, shaving, tweezing, etc. in order to get rid of body hair. But these hair removal methods re not permanent and hair regrow within a few days or a month of hair removal. Latest techniques such as electrolysis and laser hair removal permanently remove the hair and thus, are very widely used for hair removal these days.

Unsightly hair can be a problem for many people. Things such as heredity and hormonal problems can lead to hair in places we simply do not want it to grow. Hair on the upper lip and darker hairs on the chin are a big concern. Some people simply get tired of the endless plucking to keep their eyebrows neat and trimmed and are looking for a solution.

Electrolysis is the insertion of a very tiny needle into the hair follicle. A zap of electricity kills the hair, which is then removed with tweezers. This zap of energy should also deaden the follicle so that the hair will not grow back.

Electrolysis is best done by a professional. It is a tedious process and requires skill to be done correctly. Sessions can be long and you must return numerous times to get the desired result. How much time and how money it will cost you depends on how much work you need done.


  • You can save money.
  • You can do it in privacy.
  • You can treat yourself when it’s convenient.
  • It’s an option for those who cannot find or travel to a competent electrologist.


  • Many have attempted to do their own electrolysis. Many failed.
  • It takes a large time commitment and real dedication.
  • You have no training.
  • You could cause permanent skin damage.
  • You may may not get permanent results due to improper technique.
  • Temporary side effects such as redness and swelling may be worse and last longer than with professional treatment.
  • Some find it more painful than professional electrolysis.
  • It may take much longer to treat your own face than to have it done professionally.
  • When you factor in what your time is worth and additional supplies, it may be more expensive than getting it done professionally.
  • Some areas are difficult to see/treat by yourself, especially using your non-dominant hand or areas requiring a mirror.
  • The more hair you have, the more work and less your chances for success.

Home Electrolysis Hair Removal Procedure:

Before you start with the home electrolysis hair removal procedure, it is very important that the place you select for conducting it, should be comfortable and embedded with bright light or natural sunlight. Remember to read and follow the instructions mentioned on the home electrolysis hair removal system, as improper techniques of hair removal can cause permanent damage to the skin. Also, keep a magnifying glass handy, as it will help in the removal of small hair which the naked eye might miss.

Exfoliate the Skin Area:

The first step of home electrolysis hair removal procedure, is to properly clean and exfoliate the area of skin from where the hair has to be removed. For this, take a shower with warm water so that the skin pores are open. Next, exfoliate the skin area using an exfoliating cleanser and a synthetic scrubbing sponge. Exfoliation helps in removing the dead skin cells and thus, leads to better hair removal. After the exfoliation is complete, dab a moisturizing lotion onto the skin.

Set Up the Area First:

You will need a well it area with a good mirror so you can see the fine hairs clearly. Have a cup of warm water with a pinch of salt added to it to dip your fingers into so the electric current will travel through the needle to the hair root. It comes with a battery and you will need to plug the battery into the back of the kit and set it up near the cup of water so you can dip your fingers into it often.

Start with Small Skin Areas:

When doing electrolysis at home, always choose a small skin area and then start the treatment. Hold the needle in the kit with your fingers and slide it smoothly into the hair follicle. Remember not to keep the needle facing downwards, it should be in the same direction as the hair grows. Finding the hair root and follicle can be quite challenging, but with practice and properly reading and following the instructions on the kit, you will be able to do it properly.

Begin the Process:

Dip your fingers into the salt water to slightly dampen them, not too wet or it will drip and not work as well to remove the hair. Hold onto it at the metal part with wet fingers making good contact and slide the needle into the hair follicle following along to the hair root from the bottom up. Don’t face it downward; always direct the fine needle into the hair the same way it grows.

Use the Tweezers to Remove Dead Hair:

After the hair is zapped, take the tweezers and remove the dead hair. It should pull out very easily; if it doesn’t then you missed the root and can try again. The hair remover can be used on the face and legs but don’t use it in tender areas as it can burn them. Continue sessions until the hair cycles are removed for good, which, depending on the amount of time spent in one session, can take up to a year or longer. Remember that once all the hair has been eliminated in each cycle it grows back in, it is gone for good and that makes the at home electrolysis hair removal system worth while!


  • Be careful not to burn skin by leaving the needle in too long but it will heal after a few days if it does.
  • Always consult a doctor first if you have a medical condition.

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