Hair Removal At Home: Simple And Easy Ways

For everyone of us pining for a healthier and fuller head of hair, there are at least as many of us (if not more) looking to reduce the amount of hair on other parts of the body with professional at home hair removal. To help you learn about easy hair removal methods you can use to achieve the smooth, sleek and hairless body you desire. The articles presented within this site have been written by both males and females, with their distinctive points of views and experiences. And the information they provide is based upon actual research as well.

Lasers & Electrolysis

Obviously, we haven’t brought in home laser hair removal products or equipment or even electrolysis machines to try out. We leave those for the medical offices and salons. They need to be in the hands of highly trained and licensed professionals. Even with that protection, some people end up with permanent skin discoloration and serious pain. So be careful and check out the equipment, technician and clinic carefully.

Electric Tweezers

We did try one of those home electric tweezers, which is in some ways similar to electrolysis. It didn’t work well for us, but maybe someone else might have better results. The manufacturers say the hair itself conducts electricity down into the follicle where it damages the hair root, preventing growth. The sales ads say you should hold each individual hair with the tweezers for 15-30 seconds. Can you imagine how long it took us to try to clear a hairy area, one hair at a time?

Depilatory Creams

We also tried depilatories for home hair removal. We learned a lesson there, too, the hard way. It sounded so good and easy. Just smooth the cream on, wait for the hair to dissolve and scrape off then rinse.

Here’s some free advice which we missed in the fine print. Be sure to try the depilatory on a small skin area and wait 24 hours BEFORE you cover some poor guy’s whole back with it. Home back hair removal can turn into home back skin removal. Some people with sensitive skin get terrible rashes and chemical burn reactions. For those whose skin isn’t quite as sensitive, it can be a good choice.

Hair Inhibitors

However, the hair inhibitor products are totally different from the hair removal creams and we did think they were quite effective. They actually slow down the growth making hair removal much easier in the long run.


We had slightly better results with the home waxing kit. At least with home waxing hair removal products the severe pain only lasts a few seconds repeated many times. Here the idea is to cover an area of unwanted hair with warm wax and add a strip of cloth. The unwanted body hair needs to be at least 1/4 inch long for the wax to successfully, “get a grip”, on it.

Once the wax has cooled, you grab hold of the cloth strip and yank. Your partner is likely to scream at this point as the hairs are ripped out by their roots. It was hard for me to go ahead and put him through the same process many more times to clear the whole area. The old saying, “this hurts me as much as it does you”, wrung my heart. And then I realized he’d be doing the same thing to me in a few minutes!

The good news about home hair removal waxing is it lasts about 4 weeks before you have to repeat the process. It is also relatively inexpensive.

Here’s A Little More Free Advice

Don’t plan to go to the beach or have a second honeymoon for several days after your waxing. Otherwise, you’ll learn a new meaning for having a, “tender moment.”

So That Brings Us Back to Shaving

We’ve tried both wet blade razors and electric shavers for our home hair removal. Most people say if you’re going to use an electric shaver for home body hair removal, you’re better off with a foil style rather than a rotary style. Other things to look out for are getting a wet/dry model so you can do your hair removal in the shower where the hot water will soften the hairs. Some of these models also dispense shaving gel.

A shaver with a quick charger can be a lifesaver if you are half done when the battery dies. And some of the new personal shavers are really easy hair removal products and painless to use.

If you’re looking at wet blade razors for home hair removal always use a brand new fresh sharp blade. Choose a razor with extra cushions and guards to give you more protection. Some body areas are a bit extra tricky to shave. A nick or a cut, “down there”, can cause more problems than one.

So, look around this website for yourself. Do your own research. You may be pleasantly surprised to find information that will help you get together with your special someone and share the joys of easy home hair removal.

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