4 Easy Method of Eyebrows Hair Removal For Your Face Beauty

Universally both women and men experience embarrassing unwanted hair between the eyebrows which is also known as uni-brow. Tweezing is time consuming and eyebrow waxing can be painful, leaving your skin bright red for hours following treatment. With eyebrow laser hair removal you will never have to worry about connecting eyebrows again! Eyebrow laser hair removal is also a great way to remove those rouge hairs that pop up above the brow.

Shaping the eyebrow is not always an easy task to accomplish. Rather you have a unibrow or a natural shape, you may want to seek out a method of eyebrow hair removal that will fit your budget, you time and your pain tolerance. Many eyebrow hair removal techniques involve some type of pain but you should be able to find the one that suits you best. Please note that laser eyebrow hair removal is not amenable to eyebrow shaping or eyebrow sculpting the eyebrow.

Hair Removal with Tweezing on Eyebrows:

Tweezing the eyebrow is very cost effective and convenient. The tweezing can be done at your home on your schedule. If you needed to remove eyebrow hair you can easily do this yourself. The cost only involves buying the tweezers. Tweezers can be purchased for a few dollars to twenty dollars for a good quality pair. The time involved may only take a few minutes but does require weekly or bi-weekly maintenance.

The act of tweezing is as simple as selecting the unwanted hair, grasping it with the tweezers and plucking. Although this may be slightly painful, the pain should subside in just a few seconds. The art of achieving the perfect eyebrow shape can take some practice. Be careful that you remove a few hairs and then take a step back to study the shaping. The hair will take one to two weeks to grow back in. This can be a long time if you have a strange looking eyebrow. You may want to leave this up to a professional if you feel uncomfortable in obtaining the shape you desire.

Hair Removal with Threading on Eyebrows:

Is a fairly new process in the states that started in eastern countries. Threading is when the consultant twists two pieces of thread together and removes facial hair by catching it in the twist. Threading is supposed to be less painful and can last about 2 to 4 weeks. Threading is usually less expensive then waxing and causes less damage as well. Unfortunately, it is hard to find a professional threader outside a big city.

Hair Removal with Waxing on Eyebrows:

Waxing is when hot wax is applied and a strip of cloth is applied and then ripped off, taking the hairs with it. There are two ways to wax your eyebrows. You can get a home waxing kit from a beauty store or you can go to a salon and have your eyebrows waxed. When you remove eyebrow hair by waxing your results will last about 4 to 6 weeks. You must have a quarter-inch of hair for it to be removed effectively with waxing. There are some negatives to waxing: the wax can be too hot and cause burning or begin to age the skin. When you wax, the top layer of the hair can be damaged or removed in the process over time this can cause wrinkles and fine lines.

Hair Removal with Laser on Eyebrows:

Laser hair removal is very effective for someone with light skin and dark hair. However it can be performed on different skin tones if the correct laser equipment is available. Before choosing a clinic to have laser hair removal, be sure the person is experience and knowledgeable about different lasers and the effects they have on the skin. Finding a specialist that owns different types of lasers show dedication and commitment to providing their client with the best and safest possible results.

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