Upper Lip Hair Removal At Home For Girls

Body hair in women is perceived negatively by most cultures and women resort to various measures to obtain flawless, smooth skin. Facial hair on the other hand is almost a taboo for women across the world and it is seen as something that not only detracts from the unmarred beauty of the face but also an element that reduces the femininity of the face. Thus most women try and get rid of this wanted hair by resorting to various home remedies.

The most commonly used practice for removing facial hair is tweezing or plucking. If the hair growth is slightly dense people even use threading to remove the hair on the upper lips, side locks and on the forehead. While some women do wax their upper lip, it is generally not recommended since the skin of the upper lip is sensitive and frequent waxing can also make the skin on the upper lips loose.

Tweezing & Shaving

If you only have a few noticeable hairs on your upper lip, you may be able to tweeze them out. You may feel minor stinging while tweezing, but it normally subsides within a few minutes.

Shaving is also a quick way to remove facial hair. Be sure the razor isn’t dull to avoid any nicks or cuts of the skin. Razor burn and minor skin irritation can be avoided by applying an aloe vera lotion to the area after shaving. Both tweezing and shaving normally last from 5-7 days and will need to be repeated on a weekly basis.


Threading is a new way to remove unwanted hairs. This technique is done by catching hairs between a twisted loop of thread and removing them from the skin. It can be a bit more time consuming and tricky to learn. However, it is virtually painless and may only need to be done every 10-14 days.


There are many at home waxing products available for removing hair from your upper lip. The results can last for 3-6 weeks. These products are available in hot wax, cold wax, or sugar wax varieties.

Hot wax is the most popular product in which heated wax in spread onto the skin in a honey-like consistency. Cold waxes work in the same manner, but they are a thicker, putty-like product. Sugar waxes have a syrup-like thickness that is also gritty due to having sugar as an ingredient. All of these products work by binding to the hair and removing it just beneath the top layer of skin when the wax is pulled from the skin. There are also cloth wax strips available that have wax applied to them. You simply smooth the strips tightly onto the skin and the hair is removed when the strip is quickly pulled off of the skin.

Cream Depilatories

Cream depilatories are also a way to remove hair from your upper lip. You will want to be sure to use a product that says it is safe to use on the face. The cream is applied to the area and left on for 10-15 minutes while it dissolves unwanted hairs. Depilatories rinse away leaving soft, smooth skin. Many depilatories come with an astringent or lotion – type product to apply after hair removal to avoid skin irritation. The end results last only 3-5 days because they only remove surface hair above the skin.

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