Party Make Up Tips For Girls: Helpful Guideline

With the party season almost on top of us we all need to refresh our ‘Party Glamour Repertoires’. Almost all of us are pressed for time and don’t have hours or even an hour to do our makeup. So I have compiled some tips for getting ready for that party or BBQ no matter how rushed you are. This article contains great prom make up tips to create that perfect look on your special dance party that may even earn you a crown as the Prom Queen of the Night. Actually, it is not really hard to be the beautiful date when you follow this basic rule: Do not look ordinary, and yet, do not overdo it.

Party Makeup Basic Guidelines

Since party makeup is all about being special and part of a great time out (we hope), it needs a completely different approach and a dash of adventure to be successfully implemented. Here’s how to begin:

  • Start Right- choose your dress, footwear and accessories the day before and co-ordinate your look for the big occasion in advance. This will help you get an idea about how you will look when all the elements are put together and give you a chance to mix and match (or discard) colors and coordinates with the maximum style.
  • Do your Hair Differently. If you’ve always pulled it back in a bun or braid, rinse it well and condition your crowning glory so you can leave it loose. Try securing fresh flowers, a bejeweled hair slide or parting it differently for a fresh, new look.
  • The many new and affordable temporary highlights available in the market today make highlighting your hair an easy and hassle-free task and it’s a great party conversation starter too! Just kidding; though, a touch of metallica on your mane can be a surefire way to add to your allure. If you are not keen on metallic colors, you can opt for a single streak of red, amber, brown or midnight blue close to your parting.
  • Ensure your nails are well manicured and neat. If dazzling nail color is not your style, you can opt for a French manicure or clear nail varnish to show off fashionably shaped talons. Temporary nail art stickers are inexpensive and trendy ways to make a style statement and are a great party makeup option.
  • Fake eyelashes are great when party makeup is being talked about. A double dose of mascara can make up for the lack of these when primped by an eyelash curler and are a mystically marvelous way to make heads turn!
  • If eyes are downplayed, then lips can be highlighted for balancing out the tone of party makeup. Applying foundation on the lips, waiting a minute or two and then applying your favorite lip color is the way to go. You can use blotting paper/tissue to quickly dab away excess color, reapply the lipstick and finish off with a touch of glitter, shine or lip gloss for a full-blown, sensational pucker-up session with such great party make-up.
  • Go Gold! A touch of the sun cannot go amiss and gold dust is easily available at cosmetic counters for achieving that sun-goddess look, which is great party makeup wear.

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