Reading Sharpens Your Brain – This is Why You Need to Read More

Attention book worms of all ages. Have you ever considered how reading impacts your life aside from the joy of getting lost in a fascinating story? Reading has so many benefits – from learning new vocabulary to improving your mental health, there are many reasons why you need to read more.

Today, we’ll be looking at all those benefits and more. Read on for more information.

Reading Exercises Your Brain

Reading is a stimulating activity that puts your brain through its paces. Think about it – you need to remember characters, settings, plot points, and other facts about the story. If you prefer non-fiction, you commit time to remembering interesting facts. Reading improves memory function and has been shown to limit cognitive deterioration as you get older.

Reading Improves Your Ability to Focus

So how long should you read? This depends on how much free time you have. Some people can commit hours to read every day. Other people can only cram in ten minutes of reading during their commute to work. Reading demands concentration and focus as you take in words on the page or screen. As such, reading is an activity that stimulates your brain and improves your ability to concentrate and focus.

Reading Helps You Sleep Better

If you create a regular evening routine that involves reading, you get to switch off your electronic devices, limit your screen time, and signal to your body that it is time to rest. In addition, studies show reading helps you relieve stress, so calming your mind and reducing anxiety before bedtime inevitably improves your sleep quality.

Reading Improves Your Vocabulary

As you may expect, reading also improves your vocabulary. Without a doubt, you’ve probably come across unfamiliar words in a book and researched them afterwards. When you read, you grow your vocabulary, improving your ability to communicate with others and convey your feelings. In addition, regular reading also improves your writing ability.

Reading Improves Your General Knowledge

Whether you prefer fiction or non-fiction, you’re bound to pick up all sorts of facts and cool tidbits when reading. Moreover, if you broaden your horizons and read about numerous topics, you’ll become a more knowledgeable person improve your conversation skills and ability to help other people.

Reading Reduces Stress Levels

As aforementioned, reading can relieve stress, which has many positive effects on your immune system, lowering blood pressure and your heart rate. If you find yourself struggling to relax, picking up a good book or getting lost in a few articles may be just what you need.

Reading is Also Fun

Finally, reading is incredibly fun. Nothing beats settling down with a good book, getting lost in the world and falling in love with the characters. Alternatively, you may prefer diving into non-fiction biographies or books on philosophy. Whatever you like to read, this is a fun activity that sharpens your brain, improves confidence, and makes you a more well-rounded individual.

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