Best Professional Ways To Bring Spring Into Your Home

Spring is in the air all around us. How do you go about bringing that feeling into your home so it’s as light and airy inside as it is outside? First you want to make sure you do your spring cleaning and then you want to add some flowers and floral decor to your interior design.

1. Spring Cleaning

You knew this one was coming!  Spring cleaning has been around for ages, and still has its value today. For us, cleaning out the clutter and wiping off the dust helps get rid of the old and refresh to feel new again. I remember Mom’s spring-cleaning ritual when I was a kid. She would spend hours washing the china, glassware, and every knick-knack, then move on to cleaning out all the closets. After wards, she would wash down walls and scrub the floors. For some reason, having everything clean really did seem to bring a breath of fresh air into the house. So, throw open those windows and let the spring air in. Next, put those spring verbs into action. Wash, vacuum, dust, scrub, mop, and de-clutter!  Spring cleaning really does do the job of bringing spring into your home!

2. Windows

What better way to bring spring indoors than by being able to see flowers bloom through crystal clear windows. All winter, shut windows have attracted dust from the heater and grease from the kitchen. The glass may be dotted with little finger prints and nose prints from children and pets gazing outside. It’s time to wipe them clean by making window-washing part of your spring cleaning ritual. Grab the bucket and cleaning supplies!  Next, recruit hubby to wash the outside while you wash the inside. Don’t forget mirrors, so they can spread light, too. What a world of difference you’ll find when bright spring sunshine can pierce its way indoors through sparkling clean windows.

3. Paint

For a total feeling of “renewal,” select your most “tired” room for a facelift with a new coat of clean, cheerful paint. Be creative and daring by introducing some color into the room. It’s amazing what a difference an inexpensive coat of paint can make! Once the walls have a new attitude, you may find yourself adding other refreshing touches, like a new lampshade, picture or area rug, to the room. Try rotating a-room-a-year for the paint facelift, and then every room will have its turn at a bright, fresh renewal.

4. Flowers

Spring is about flowers, so bring them on. and in! Place fresh cut and/or silk flowers in containers around the house to bring spring to tables, shelves and counter tops. If you have flowers blooming in your yard, cut a few stems and bring them indoors. Continue the floral theme by tossing a couple of new floral throw pillows on the sofa. Hang a floral wreath on the front door as a welcome to spring and to your guests, as well.

5. Music Spring

Enhance the spring mood by playing some subtle, lite music selections in the background. You’ll find the music will cover unwanted sounds and fill the void of quiet, bringing a new liveliness to the house.

6. Change Accessories

Remove anything that reminds you of winter – pillows or throws in dark colors, floral arrangements, crystal, silver, – anything that feels formal. Replace these with textiles in soft pastel shades or bright colors. Arrangements of daisies, tulips and other spring flowers will provide a lighter look. Store the crystal and silver in favor of painted metal candlesticks in shades of white and cream . Use different china that has a more “summery” look.

7. Hide the Fireplace

Hide your fireplace visually, not figuratively. Hide the opening with a seasonally inspired screen in white or cream, or place a summer arrangement in front of your fireplace. Keep mantle accessories to a minimum, and change their colors to coordinate with the screen or arrangement below.

8. Change Your Artwork

Certain styles of frame favor either a formal or informal style. If feasible, change the frame of your favorite artwork. In some cases you can remove the frame altogether and leave the picture “bare” – as if the artist just painted it. You could also change the mat to a lighter color. Another alternative is to choose new artwork that is more in keeping with the season – pictures of gardens, porches, florals, botanicals etc. Put your other artwork in storage for the season. It will feel new all over again come September.

9. Consider Slipcovers

Albeit expensive, slipcovers can totally transform the look of your room for the warmer summer months ahead. Another bonus is that they protect your furniture at a time when casual lifestyle behaviors can wreak havoc on your furniture.

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