Top 5 Light Lunches To Help You Weight Loss

Losing weight is a matter of burning more calories than you take in. But that doesn’t mean you have to face going hungry to meet your weight loss goals. To lose weight without going hungry, you can eat a smaller lunch. Scientists found that people lost weight when served a portion-controlled lunch of about 250 calories even though they were free to eat whatever they wanted for snacks or at other meals.

Would you like lunches for weight loss that will satisfy your appetite without sabotaging your healthy lifestyle? Here are our lunch ideas to help you on your way to a new lease on eating well. You can build a light but filling lunch with these best light ingredients whether you’re brown-bagging it or eating out.

The Best Light Lunches Ideas for Weight Loss

  1. Making vegetables the largest portion of your lunch boosts your lunch’s total nutrition (vegetables deliver disease-fighting phytochemicals and essential vitamins and minerals) and gives you a healthy dose of fiber a must-have when you’re dieting.
  2. Grilled chicken wraps are great because they are low in fat and calories and high in protein. I like to grill a 6 ounce breast of chicken.
  3. A great foundation for a light lunch is chicken noodle soup by Medifast. Medifast chicken noodle soup is nutritious, filling and great comfort food.
  4. Veggie sandwiches are great for lunch, especially if you marinate your veggies. With this Veggie sandwiches you can easily lose your weight.
  5. Over the course of 10 days eating a lighter lunch, all participants consumed 250 fewer calories per day, and lost a little more than one pound.

Hope you have enjoyed these light lunches to help expedite your weight loss and help you to reach your goals. And, this link will also helpful for people who are trying to lose weight.

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