Kids Rooms Decorating Ideas: Bedrooms For Active Kids

You’ll find kids bedroom ideas and resources along with DIY tips for decorating your kids’ rooms. There are also several bedroom theme pages to help you decorate with a specific theme, including how to transition from one theme to the next.

Painting tips, window treatment ideas (even some of my own patterns), along with a huge resource of places to shop for your kid’s bedding, furniture, and more kids bedrooms ideas for you to check out. Including discount and outlet shopping sources!

Whether you’re planning a room for the new baby nursery, a girl’s or boy’s room, a room for a teen and even a dorm room, you’ll find lots of kids bedrooms ideas to help you.

So, have you actually ‘decorated’ your kid’s bedroom? Or do you keep putting it off because you just don’t know where to start? Maybe you decorated your child’s room, and got it done just in time to do it all over again because he outgrew the theme!

Creative Decorating

An option that’s fun for the kids is to choose a neutral color scheme for the wall and furniture, such as white and black, and let the kids add color to the room with their drawings and crafts. They can even decorate lamp shades just be sure to choose decorating materials that are non – flammable.

Designing a Bookish Bedroom

Designing the perfect room for a bookworm is simple, and kids who love to read will love to have a place all their own to imagine, explore and write their own stories. Decorate the room with soft beige colors and hardwood accents to create a library feel for quieter kids who want a subtle bedroom to read in. For a kid who enjoys science fiction and fantasy, include elements of Star Wars or her favorite science fiction series. Painting a mural on the wall is a great way to bring books to life.

Any bookworm’s bedroom should include a comfortable chair for reading; a footstool or side table to sit drinks on is also appreciated. Let a child choose the chair he wants for his room, since he is the one who will be using it. Add bookshelves to the room as well, so he has somewhere to organize his books.

Start by using shorter shelves, so smaller kids can reach their favorite books easily. As kids – and their book collections – grow, add taller bookshelves to accommodate the room design. Include a desk for holding books, notebooks and other interesting items as well. Kid’s furniture should be sturdy and stand up to wear and tear.

How to Decorate an Athletic Bedroom

Decorating a bedroom for an athletic child is a simple way to allow her to express her love of sports. Choose a color from her favorite sport, such as the green of a tennis court or her favorite team’s jersey, and use that as the basic decorating color for the room. This will create a room that will grow with a child and can easily accommodate other interests.

Choose accessories for the room that showcase the child’s love of sports, such as baseball pillows or sport-themed lamps and lampshades. Include a shelf or storage system to hold sports equipment when it’s not in use. Use a bed that has a desk attached for more storage space and to leave more space for moving around in the room.

Science and Math Themed Bedrooms

A child who enjoys math and science can have a bedroom that reflects those interests and allows her to continue exploring those concepts. Paint one section of a wall with dry erase board paint and put a frame around it to allow her to record experiments and work out math problems.

Provide the bedroom with a large desk with display shelves for holding math instruments, a microscope and other items such as fossils. Paint the room a bright color to reflect the lively interests of the child and keep the bedroom visually interesting. Allow the child to hang posters and images of scientific figures around the room for inspiration.

Design Bedrooms Online

There are many websites that allow users to put in the dimensions of a room and plan out the furniture layout and decorating scheme to get a virtual look at what the bedroom will look like. Use an online interior decorating site to plan out a child’s bedroom before making any major changes.

Decorating a room for active children is an easy way to give them the space to explore their interests and develop their personalities at their own pace. Encouraging kids to get involved with activities they love is a great way to help ensure that they stay engaged and interested in school and extracurricular activities; involvement is a key to high school graduation and success throughout life.

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