The 6 Best Tips for Applying Quick Makeup

Every woman wants to look pretty and presentable. Makeup is a way by which a woman can make her self look and feel better. But sometimes, this makeup can make one look much older than her real age, or the other times, a good makeup done can make one look much younger.

You may find it hard and complicated to achieve a natural and sophisticated look for daily wear but in reality it is easy if you take the time to find the right tools and products that compliment your face and lifestyle. With constant practice, applying makeup will be breezy with these some of the best and easy steps:

How to Applying Quick Makeup

Learn how to look your best in less time with these tips, shortcuts, and smart tricks.

1. Get Clean Skin Quick:

Lightly mist your face with water and dab gently with cotton or tissue any traces of oil to refresh make up. After this, dab on some loose powder for a fresh look.

2. Hiding Your Blemishes:

Concealers are optional when applying makeup. You might not need it if your foundation works well however, if you need additional coverage, choose concealers that are one or two shades lighter than your foundation. Dab a small amount on your blemishes and with a concealer brush, gently blend the concealer into your foundation.

3. Applying a Good Base:

Foundation or applying base to make your skin complexion look even is the most basic part of your makeup. In fact it’s the first step in any makeup whether it is casual or formal. Choose the right shade. If your concealer is too light, it will accentuate dark patches. Don’t rub the makeup from side to side, which will actually remove the product from the skin. Pat it gently.

4. Perfect Eye Makeup:

A few coats of mascara are all you really need to appear awake and aware and to walk out the door. For a more polished look, add a quick sweep of eye shadow. Multiple colors can be fun, but you can work wonders with just one.

If you’re using just one color, don’t apply it to the brow bone. Working with two or more? Apply only the lightest shade to this area.

5. Adding Color to Your Cheeks:

Applying make up to your cheeks can add a healthy glow on your face. A good blush on has a similar color to your cheeks when flushed or have a similar color to your lips. For oily skin, choose a powder blush or a combination of cream and powder. Cheek stain or tints are also very handy but you might need to avoid it if you have dry skin.

With a full powder brush, dab a small amount of gel or blush powder and gently tap off the excess. Smile in front of the mirror to get the “apples” of your cheeks and gently blend in the colors. Add bronzer on your T-zone for a dewy glow.

6. Plumping the Lips:

Using the stick itself, apply lipstick starting at the center of both the lower and upper lips and moving out to the corners. Press your lips together lightly and rub them against each other to distribute the color and help absorb the pigment. Apply a natural lip color and dab with color. This gives a natural look to the lips. You can also apply a lip gloss to sparkle your lips.

These simple make up is the basics of giving a makeover to face so use them to look beautiful and natural always.

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