Top 10 Best iPhone Apps For Facebook

Facebook is growing in popularity, so much so it has superseded the other social networking giant, MySpace, so here are the 10 best iPhone apps for Facebook. iPod iPhone and Touch users do not have to be without their Facebook friends and fan pages, with this list, you are sure to find the perfect app to keep your profile updated with “Likes” and change your status at a moments notice.


The official Facebook app for iPhone makes it easy to stay in touch with your contacts. This mini version of the PC based website gives you everything. You can post your status, check out the latest on your friends, write a note, look through photos, look up phone numbers, and everything else you need to stay connected. The best iPhone app for Facebook is free.

Phone Book:

Phone Book is one of the best iPhone apps for Facebook because it gives its users the ability to bring together the iPhone phone contacts and the Facebook contacts. Users can easily sync their Facebook account with their phone.


How much fun is Facebook without its games? Not too much, so Zynga has made an iPhone app that connects to the users Facebook account to challenge friends. Scramble works just like Boggle, and it is free.

Top Friends:

Slides popular Top Friends app now has an iPhone version! The iPhone app for Facebook allows users to view their top friends, poke them, SMS them, send them an email, use the interactive map, and even call them. One of the things that makes this the best iPhone app for Facebook is the fact it is totally free of charge.


For $4.99 Hasbro offers Facebook users the chance to compete against each other in the widely popular board game Scrabble.


Trapster hands down has to be one of the best iPhone apps for Facebook users out there! Why? Because it lets all of its users know where all of those nasty speed traps are. Log in with the Facebook integration to warn all your friends as well as share your trip.

Facebook Easy Status:

Facebook Easy Status allows users to update their status message, quickly. For $1.99 you can quickly choose a mood, then a location, then BAM! status updates.

Facebook a Quote:

Facebook a Quote is easily one of the best iPhone apps for Facebook because the user does not have to think of a new status, one can simply pick from the thousands of quotes available. For 99 cents, it is perfect for those days when you just do not know what to say.

Facebook It!

(formerly PasteBook) Facebook It! is the quickest ways to update and do everything on Facebook with just some simply copying. For 99 cents this is ideally one of the best iPhone apps for Facebook, just copy a little snippet, a url, video, or photo to your clipboard, launch the app, and off to Facebook it goes.

Facebook Icons:

Facebook Icons is simple and only 99 cents use it to impress your friends by writing on your friend’s walls with eleven different fonts and hundreds of icons!

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