The Top 4 Best College Student iPhone Apps

Today’s college student is no longer burdened with lugging around backpacks filled with their study materials, organizers, or class notes. Instead, all of the tools essential to college survival can be put on one small gadget the iPhone. Need help surviving college? There’s an app for that.

College Talk

As the App Store fills up with more and more iPhone apps we find that the iPhone apps that are coming out are much more specific and appeal more to niche markets. Since the largest group of iPhone owners happens to be young adults, apps that appeal to college students are becoming a really important segment of the iTunes App Store.

With the growing number of iPhone apps for college students you have to figure out where to turn for your different school needs, and you can even find a few iPhone apps for college students that provide services that would not have occurred to you previously. Here are a few of the very best iPhone apps for college students that are bursting out of the iTunes App Store.

EZ Read

Every college student that has had to read the classics in any department ranging from English to Political Science has used It is at you can find easily broken down notes on different books and topics, and now EZ Read for your iPhone will port over the content right to the iPhone.

EZ Read is specifically designed to make the content on the website really easy to read and access from the iPhone. The app allows you to check out things like summary and analysis and even quizzes used in studying. EZ Read stands out as one of the best iPhone apps for college students as it ports a huge study resource for quick and easy use on the iPhone, and since EZ read is a free iPhone app it makes it more accessible.

MyGPA Calculator

MyGPA Calculator is, as it suggests, a GPA calculating iPhone application where you enter in your grades or the grades you anticipate and you get a mzl. sxchmwxe.320×480-75calculation of your overall cumulative GPA. There are actually several GPA calculators that have been made available, but MyGPA Calculator stands out as one of the best because of its clean design and the fact that it is a free iPhone app. MyGPA Calculator is going to be a great way to constantly keep up with your progress from your iPhone and to see the status of your college work.

iStudiez Pro

iStudiez Pro is a heavily pushed iPhone app for college students and is a very complete mobile program that is offered at a moderate price of $2.99. What iStudiez Pro attempts to do is to be the ultimate iPhone app for college students as it allows you to enter in all of your relevant academic information so that you can create a schedule for your classes, the assignments you have for them, the contact information for professors, and everything else that adds up to your complete college plan and helps you to keep on task.

You can see the list of available courses you are in, the specific homework for them and when they are due, and you can even employ an alarm system around this. The idea with iStudiez Pro then is that you can check in with it on a regular basis and it will simply tell you what is next and what needs to be done. iStudiez Pro is a little complicated at first, but if you are willing to really integrate it into your daily study it can really help to keep complicated college schedules on track.

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