Tribal Jewelry by Victoria Bain

{YBA} Tribal Jewelry: Victoria Bain, it represents a lifestyle, it is Street and edgy, expressive and soulful. Worn as personal adornment. Its symbols are drawn from the inspiration of tribes and cultures from around the world, and influenced by the connecting power of all things universal.The significance and meaning of each piece reflects your personal identity and style. It honors the past, but keeps an eye on the future.

Tribal jewelry is the expression of belief, expression of culture and rendition of archetypal imagination of human beings in its most primal form. Using simplest forms and natural symbols, tribals crafted their jewelry from a variety of materials available to them. Starting from leaves and flowers, bone and shells, wood and metals – a diverse array of materials have been used to make body jewelry.

This tribal jewelry is not only decorative ornaments for the natives, but also an indispensable part of their culture, religious beliefs and social rituals. Each tribal society has its own distinctive style of hand crafting jewelry. They are the repositories of ancient wisdom and culture, and extremely beautiful in their exotic beauty.

Keeping alive these tribal symbols, knowledge and history of tribal jewelry is important to people all over the world. This honest knowledge reminds us that we are real people, with complex lives and problems, existing in a world that was never fair.

Victoria Bain Tribal Jewellery Large Triangle Necklace £365 Brokenfab ,

Victoria Bain Tribal jewellery Amazonian Fringe Collar £22 Oasis

Victoria Bain Tribal jewellery Bead and Swarovski Crystal Embellished Earrings £345 Erickson Beamon,

Victoria Bain Tribal jewellery Beaded Multi Strand Necklace £725 Erickson Beamon

Victoria Bain Tribal jewellery Bib Necklace £30 Asos

Victoria Bain Tribal jewellery Feather Chandelier Earrings £16 Monsoon

Victoria Bain Tribal jewellery Mexicano Cuff £12 Monsoon

Victoria Bain Tribal jewellery Moonball Gold Earrings £245 Isharya

Victoria Bain Tribal jewellery Multi Strand Coloured Bead Necklace £60 Freedom at Topshop

Victoria Bain Tribal Jewellery Navajo Earrings £92 Jacquie Aiche

Victoria Bain Tribal Jewellery Pyramid Earrings £90 Brokenfab

Victoria Bain Tribal jewellery Sahara Bangle £47 Diane Von Furstenberg

Victoria Bain Tribal Jewellery Wood and Stone Choker £16 Warehouse

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