Unique Cocktail Rings Best Fashion Trend

{YBA} Cocktail Rings or Dinner Rings are large over sized ring. Cocktail rings look best when worn on middle or index finger. Flip through any celebrity style gallery and you’ll see a huge assortment of oversize cocktail rings. And oversize is the only common theme, because styles are all over the place. Large colored gemstones continue to take center stage though the moonstone ring Lauren Velez wore to the SAG Awards and Patricia Arquette’s emerald and gold design are two examples.

Gemstone Cocktail Rings: Mostly metal rings, and rings set with bunches of smaller stones, are also popular, with round and domed shapes taking full advantage of that combo’s glitzy impact. You can wear similar looks by slipping on one or more of the rings in this collection.Unusual cubic zirconia  rings include the beautiful purple blue Tanzanite rings that make great cocktail jewelry and can be genuine with CZ accents or totally simulated creations that are very affordable.

When choosing cocktail pieces the most unusual cubic zirconium colors are available to mimic yellow and pink diamonds, black and brown diamonds, garnets and sapphires and rubies and even emeralds. There are so versatile and affordable that many ladies are choosing to have several rings to match with evening outfits instead of limiting themselves to one single gold ring that they wear over and over.

But, no matter how beautiful an usual cubic zirconia jewelry may be, it’s still a fake and therefore can’t be worn everyday, not just because the gem will get dull, but because the settings may not be gold, but silver or an inferior metal that has been plated or coated to look better.

Seven Best Cocktail Rings

Gildas Fancy Cocktail Rings

Monica Best Cocktail Rings

Kaaross Best Stylish Cocktail Rings

Asos Handmade Cocktail Rings

Lolarose Simple Cocktail Rings

Bexrox Classic Cocktail Rings

Juicy Expensive Cocktail Rings

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