Mariella Di Gregorio Vibrant Jewelry

{YBA} Mariella Di Gregorio is brilliant and creative designer. She has always been attracted by art and design. Her production is the result of an accurate search for original and exclusive materials.

Her style is unique, her approach is vibrant, her pieces are made of high quality porcelain and excellence in handcrafting together with refined decoration make each piece absolutely distinctive. These pieces of art capture attention. They look beautiful and mesmerizing, just like any real work of art.

Mariella Di Gregorio’s rings range from $300 to $450 and they all look like blossoming flowers! The necklaces, however, can go as high as $700 with their stylish and intricate style.

Most interesting feature of her jewelry is, You don’t have to match earrings, necklaces and rings to perfection. These are all absolutely interchangeable and adorably versatile. You can change every piece the way you like it best by adding a petal or more.
Interested 😉

Her philosophy reflects,

Top quality porcelain is reinterpreted to create exclusive jewels for special women who like to express their uniqueness, femininity and originality.

Each element is of first choice, cut and refined to be framed in 18kt gold or golden coated silver 925. Each piece is different from any other and is the result of typical Italian handicraft and creativity.

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