Best Makeup Tips for Small Eyes: Enhance Your Eyes Beauty

Getting ready for a big date or just a simple party night out with friends can be a little demanding, especially in terms of choosing the right shoes, dress, hairstyle and the makeup could be fun and confusing at the same time.

The most important part of the face that we would have to focus on when it comes to make up, is the eyes. This is because there are a lot of things that you need to apply, like the eyeliner, mascara and frequently, two colors for the eye shadow as base and final touch.

Here are some small eye makeup tips that can help give your eyes that extra pop. Using eyeliner is the best way to produce bigger, bolder, and more significant eyes. Eye make up can help overcome the problem of your small eyes, but when used correctly. Apply pastel-colored shades of eyeshadow on the entire lid, starting at your lashes, and blending up to your brow.

Things You’ll Need

  • Cucumber slices
  • Under eye concealer
  • Three shades of eye shadow
  • Shade in a color that contrasts with natural eye color
  • Sponge eye shadow applicator
  • Fine eye shadow brush
  • Eye shadow blending brush
  • Pencil eyeliner
  • Mascara
  • Eyelash curler

How to Apply Eye Makeup for Small Eyes

Apply under-eye concealer if you have dark circles. Choose a color lighter than the natural skin color and apply it before doing eye make up. It will make the small eyes look big and make a nice base before eye make up. This makeup tip for small eyes should be more implemented if the dark circles are covering the eyes.

Eyeliners are best to make the eyes look big, bold and significant. Use it correctly by making a thin uniform line across the eyelid, just above the eye lashes without leaving space. Try to take the line little out of the eye edge to make it remarkable. You can also try colors based on your dress but it will be good to prefer dark and neutral colors as bright shades make the eyes look more smaller. It can also be applied at the bottom of the eyes as thin kajal which will not smudge.

Eye shadow comes next. Remember, impressive eye shadows look nice in the make up kit but makes the eyes look more smaller when applied. So try before buying eye shadows. Don’t apply too much eye shadow and shimmery colors as they tend to look unclean after it smudges. Prefer light colored eye shadows and apply not more than two shades of it. Brush the ends of each eye brow with it and apply on the eyelids if you think it is too light according to the situation demands.

Small eye make up tips always includes mascara. Apply mascara on the eye lashes. They make the lashes cover the small eyes elegantly and are very attractive. Also apply on the lower eye lashes in downward strokes.

Shape your eyebrows according to the size of the face and eyes. Having brows close together or thick brows can make the eyes look smaller. To make your small eyes look big, tweeze your eyebrows and bring them about to an eye length distance.


  • Thick eyebrows can diminish and overpower the eyes. Plucking away stray and excess hairs along the brow bone can enlarge the eyes.
  • Choosing eye shadow shades that are in the same family as your natural eye color can actually make eyes appear smaller.

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