Peek of Peacock Eyelashes: Enhance Your Eyes Beauty

Ready to make crowds go crazy with a simple bat of your lashes? It’s easy to do when sporting these peacock feather stunners on your lids! These faux eyelashes glimmer under any light and give off an exotic glamor that will thrill and enthrall with every blink. Top off your dance-night duds of a slinky LBD, textured tights, and sparkly shoes by applying the adhesive edge of these wowing wonders to your lashline, and voila – you’ll make pulses quicken with one coy look.

Peacock eyelashes regularly come as a set of false eyelashes that can only be used one time. Today they are gaining popularity and more varieties, styles and brands are popping up. Many people use a peacock look for parties, such as a themed night out but they are especially great as an accent for a peacock or ‘bird of paradise’ costume. Women, like peacocks, are oven vain and proud creatures who love to show off their brilliant assets, however not all women can pull off a pair of peacock eyelashes.

I myself, prefer a good medium length eyelash extension rather than the flare and bravo of a peacock lash. Timid women need not embarrass yourself by trying a look to bold. Chutzpah is required to pull off a peacock flutter of the eyes. If you don’t have that, don’t embarrass yourself by wearing them in public. Halloween, where everyone has a good time being a fool, is the exception.

So where can I buy peacock eyelashes? To find a great set of peacock eyelashes start your search online so you can navigate styles and prices. Otherwise, if you just want to hit the streets on a peacock hunt go to the lovely Sephora that has a good selection as well. Sick of the man?

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