Cat Eye Makeup For Attractive Look

Cat eye makeup can morph your look from terrific to glamtastic with just one sweeping stroke. Having beautiful eyes is the precious asset one can ever have. Everyone is not fortunate to have those natural assets. If you think on the similar line then let me tell you that there are ways to make your eyes look beautiful. First, be thankful to God that at least you have eyes to see this beautiful world then we would suggest you tips and steps on how to make them beautiful cat eyes.

There are various ways to make eyes attractive and catty. However, which one would suit you best is very much dependent on the color of your skin, hair and of course, your eyes natural color. Here, we would talk about certain tips and steps, which would suit all of features and skin.

Buy Makeup

Purchase high-quality eye makeup at the store or online. You want shimmering shades of eye shadow. It is best to choose darker, mystic colors. You will also need an eyelash curler and some black mascara. Don’t forget to buy a liquid eye liner. It will give you a more dramatic cat-eyes effect.

Clean Face

Gently wash your face of any oils with a cleanser. You may also use soap (such a Neutrogena) and water.
Dry with a face cloth or towel.

Apply Lotion and Foundation

Put on lotion, concealer, foundation, and any other makeup BEFORE doing your cat eyes.


You may want to leave your lips as the last step to avoid smearing lipstick on face.

Apply Eye Shadow

Cover your entire eye-lid and brow bone with the dark, shimmery eye shadow. It will create a sultry, smokey look for your cat eyes.

Use Liquid Eye liner

This is the most important step. Use a black liquid eye liner. Above your eye, draw a thick line along the upper lash line. It should be thickest in the middle.

Next, use your liquid eye liner to trace the bottom lash line under your eye. Extend the liner just a little beyond your lash line, to lengthen the lashes appearance. Do this in an upward motion, as to curve slightly towards the edge of your lash line. You should draw a skinny line for a subtle look. Only go thicker if you want a dramatic cat eyes look.

Curl Eyelashes

Curl your top lashes with an eyelash curler. Curl in 3 sections. First, curl at base of lashes. Next, use the curler for the middle section. Lastly, crimp the lashes near the tips.


If desired, you can buy fake eyelashes.


Put on 2-3 layers of black mascara. Dry in between each application. Separate eyelashes gently with a finger or a lash separator/brush. Doing this will avoid a clumping effect.

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