Best Solutions For Asian Hair Problems

Various cosmetic products have flooded the market, targeted at Asian hair care. Asian hair needs a very special type of care as it is exposed to a typical that constantly poses a threat resulting in premature graying, falling of hair, dandruff and various other hair aliments. Asian hair can be categorized into the following tips

  • The true health of the hair is reflected from the health and well-being of the whole body. This is determined by good nutrition from a healthy well-balanced diet ensure you always drink plenty of water to help keep the skin hydrated.
  • Use food supplements and natural remedies to keep the hair in optimum condition.
  • Always protect the hair from the sun and wind, as they can dry and damage it. Good conditioning is crucial.
  • Do not smoke or passive smoke! This unhealthy practice produces free radicals that damage the hair and make it smell terrible.
  • Hair should always be cleansed properly to remove dirt and excess grease. If these are not removed the hair looks unattractive and may lead to problems. The shampoo should be changed every now and then, as hair seems to develop a resistance to certain ingredients after a period of time.
  • If styling products are used on a regular basis the hair can get congested with a residue (known as ‘product build-up’), which does not wash off with ordinary shampoos. Luckily, there are special shampoos available that can remove this residue from the hair. They are usually called stripping, chelating or clarifying shampoos. A properly trained hairdresser will assess whether these shampoos need to be used before a perm, colour or conditioning treatment.
  • Freshly washed hair should always be conditioned to keep it looking good. They seal moisture into the hair, which makes it shiny and easier to style.
  • To keep the hair really glossy, it is a good idea to give it a special conditioning treatment once in a while. This could include intensive conditioners and hot oil treatments.
  • Hair should be cut regularly to remove any split ends and to keep its style. Split ends can lead to breaking hair if left unaddressed.
  • Try to massage the scalp whilst shampooing and conditioning, as this improves the blood circulation to the hair follicles, and helps deliver nutrients and oxygen to the roots, which promotes healthier growth.
  • Avoid rubbing, pulling or stretching wet hair, as it is much more sensitive and vulnerable compared to dry hair. Rough treatment can cause damage to the hair cuticles and severely weaken it.
  • To reduce the drying effects on the hair caused by central heating, simply place large bowls of water near radiators to add moisture to the air. Alternatively, use humidifiers which are specially designed to stop the air drying out.
  • In damp weather apply a mousse, gel or hairspray, as they will help keep the style in place.
  • Do not overuse hair dryers, heated rollers, curling tongs or other styling gadgets that produce heat. These all dry the hair, which can make it frizzy and brittle.

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