Effective Makeup Tips For A Natural Look

Having clear and fair skin is something that many of us wish for. Especially these days when we no longer seem to have the time to take care of our face and skin. However, our hectic schedule and busy lifestyle should not be a reason for us to neglect the health and beauty of our skin.

It is still possible for us to have beautiful and clear face and skin, even if we do not take the time to see a dermatologist regularly. It all starts by getting into the habit of cleansing and moisturizing our skin daily, and using products that do not cause irritations to our skin, like Smashbox and Jurlique skin care products.

To create a natural look you’ll need to use makeup consisting of earth tones, and neutral looking shades. Pale pinks, peaches, plums and colors frequently seen in nature will work best, and look great on most people if applied proficiently. Avoid natures more gaudy colors reserved as warning signs and signals for animals to keep away. You want to attract other people, not repel them.

One shouldn’t feel that opting for makeup that looks natural means only using lighter shades. Natural makeup means to stick to colors that go with one’s skin tone. One can use a red lip color if it suits the skin tone and complexion as that will look more natural than anything else. There are certain steps one must take to make the natural makeup really work well.

Makeup Tips For A Natural Look

  • Make sure you blend everything well to avoid obvious streaks of color.
  • Using natural makeup is healthier for your skin, and can avoid blemishes from forming caused by it.
  • Avoid going behind your parents’ back by doing this – they will catch you.
  • If you use mascara, avoid clumping by wiping the wand on a tissue before applying.
  • Be sure that any lip products you use do not add much shine, stickiness, or coloring. Stick to light matte lip colors, or just a simple swipe of lip balm. If you wear gloss during summer, the sun will burn your lips.
  • As always, avoid using old makeup – this includes expired expiration dates, smelly products, and clumpy cremes and mascaras. As a rule, mascara should be thrown out every three months, and any liquid makeup should be thrown out every year. Anything with an odd smell, of course, should be immediatly tossed.
  • Using mineral foundation doesn’t clog your pores and is actually good for your skin, so you may want to invest in a good one.
  • Apply makeup in the light you will be in; for example, apply your makeup with a lot of light if you are going out on a sunny day, or if you are going clubbing use dimmer lights.
  • Remember that makeup is to enhance your natural features, not to cover them up. Most importantly, have fun with your makeup as it shouldn’t become a chore.
  • Try to add a twist to your makeup, or change up looks every once in a while. This way you can always feel fresh faced, and let a little creativity through.
  • Watch makeup tutorials online for extra help and you might just find a new cool style to try out!


  • You may look exceptionally good after this. Do not be alarmed if you get extra attention.
  • Get a trusted person to tell you if you’ve gone overboard with the make-up.
  • You are a beautiful person, you don’t always need make-up.
  • Change is good but dont go to school one day with light brown/tan on than the next day come in with electric blue eyeshadow and super rosy cheeks.Change is good but dont go overboard.

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