Natural Way of Hair Care With Lemon Juice

Among the other natural treatments for hair loss, it is possible to name such a popular and affordable herbal remedy as lemon juice. In particular, it can stimulate your hair growth and re-growth in the cases, when your problems with hair are caused by ineffective nutrition and hormonal shifts. Lemon juice has excellent nourishing properties and is rich in such elements as phosphorus, vitamins B and A, as well as antioxidants. Using lemon juice can assist in making your hair look healthier, shiny and gorgeous.

Before you subject you hair to any of the below given treatment, make sure that you wash them thoroughly and pat them dry. Another thing is, remove all the tangles and knots present in the hair.

Uses and Benefits

Lightening your hair color is what lemon juice hair rinse is used for the most. The effect may be more attractive on blond or light brown hair, though, because lemon juice can turn darker hair an orange shade. Some proponents of lemon juice as a hair rinse claim the juice adds shine and volume by removing buildup from hair care products, which can dull hair and weigh it down. Lemon juice may also help remove the green shade blond hair can pick up from chlorinated swimming pool water.


Lemon juice is rich in citric acid, a mild natural acid also found in many fruits and vegetables. This acid gently bleaches hair. Lemons also contain limonene, a compound that helps hair lighten faster in the sunshine. Citric acid helps remove residue from shampoos and styling products. It also helps lift out the metals from swimming pool water that tint hair green, according to fitness experts from the Atlantic Club.

Lemon Juice in Hair For Highlights

Instead of using harsh and strong chemicals for highlighting the hair, one can make use of lemon juice as a hair dye. Also, going in the salon and highlighting you hair is a costly affair. Lemon juice highlights the hair naturally and does not cause any kind of side effect and also does not require much money.

Let us take a look at the actual process of highlighting the hair with lemon juice. For this, divide your hair in small sections. Apply the juice of freshly squeezed lemon on the parts of the hair which you want to highlight. Make use of a hairbrush to apply this juice to your hair.

In order to see better results, you can add a bit of salt in the lemon juice and then apply it to your hair. After adding salt, make sure that it is mixed well in the lemon juice. The salt will help in better absorption by opening the hair shafts. If you want to lighten all the hair, then apply the lemon juice all over the scalp and then comb your hair. After you have applied lemon juice, expose your hair to sunlight for better results.

After the lemon juice has dried completely, wash off your hair with warm water. This lemon juice in hair recipe will surely do wonders and give good results. Make sure that you do not use lemon juice very often to lighten your hair as it might make your hair brittle. Lemon juice in hair for dark hair is one of the best remedies to lighten the color. This is a great way to lighten your hair with lemon juice naturally. With lemon juice, you can also have blond highlights which will just look awesome. Highlighting your hair will also help you in hiding gray hair which can be a hurdle in your beauty.

Lemon Juice in Hair For Dandruff

Dandruff can damage the hair to a large extent. There are various remedies which can help in getting rid of dandruff, lemon juice being one of them. Lemon juice is one of the most effective remedy for getting rid of dandruff. Applying lemon juice regularly to your hair can help in reducing the dandruff. After applying lemon juice, wash your hair after 30 minutes with warm water.

Make a paste of fenugreek seeds. Add a few drops of lemon juice to it. Apply this paste to your scalp. After 30 to 40 minutes wash it off. Mixing lemon juice with olive oil will also help. Lemon juice can also be used for getting rid of dry skin present on the scalp.

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