Top 10 Beach Makeup Tips: Best Beauty Tips for the Beach

Most women would like to be on the spotlight during the holiday tour at the beach. In order to still look flawless at the beach, you should make some changes in your beauty routine to help your skin adjust properly with the weather. Without having some cool beach makeup tips, you will not be able to really enjoy the glorious beauty of the beaches when you get sunburned.

But in the eagerness of visiting beaches, we often forget and miss basic and essential makeup. It might seem surprising to you that makeup is not exclusively reserved for important occasions and parties but also during beach visits! Beach makeup adds extra glamor and protects you from the damage of sun’s ultra violet rays at the same time. Explore the article below that guides you on beach makeup tips!

The Best Beach Makeup Tips

  1. Sunscreen with a minimum SPF 30 is the most essential item on the beach to block off the harmful UV rays from the sun and prevents skin cancer.
  2. The best way to apply sunscreen is to exfoliate the skin and remove the dry and dead skin cells and apply sunscreen 20 minutes before venturing outside to allow for your skin to absorb it fully.
  3. Reapply sunscreens after every two hours.
  4. If you go for a swim or splash in the ocean, apply the sunscreen as soon as you dry off.
  5. Even after when we come back from the beach, do not think that you are safe from the sun indoors until you take care to soothe, cool and moisturize your skin to makeup for any damage that might have occurred during the time you spent on beach. Aloe vera is quite good for the purpose. It is better to use oil-free moisturizers after all that sweating on the beach.
  6. Hairs are very much susceptible to damage like skin. Chlorine used in the pool may give a greenish tinge to your hair while salt can dry them up. Wind and humidity on the beach are known to frizz up your hair too and may cause your hair color to fade. To avoid all this and more, shampoo your hair and apply a leave-in conditioner before going to the beach for a swim.
  7. After the swim, be sure to use a clarifying shampoo to get rid of the chemical and mineral buildup in your hair.
  8. Women with curly hair should use hair products with added moisturizers and silicone that does not allow humidity to damage hair and should dry hair with a diffuser after the swim.
  9. Women with straight hair should use hair products with silicone and ingredients to block humidity. After the swim, they should dry hair using the flatiron and can also maintain the smooth texture of their hair by using sealants.
  10. While basking in the sun, be sure to wear hat to cover your hair and hair cream with ultra-violet filters to keep off the harmful effects of the sun.

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