How To Apply Dramatic Eye Makeup

Your eyes are one of the first things people notice about you and they can speak volumes about who you are and the mood you’re trying to project. Dramatic eye makeup conjures up images of beautiful seductresses with lots of sex appeal.

However, for some time now, many women have adopted as a common makeup to wear at parties and or casual dating. Want to know how to do dramatic eye makeup from the pros and makeup addicts? Here are some of the best dramatic eye make up tips, ideas to choose from!

The Best Dramatic Eye Makeup Tips

  • Eye Makeup Primer. Primer keeps your eye makeup on your lid. It keeps eyeshadow and eyeliner from running or smudging, even if you’re sweating or in a humid climate. Not deep sea diving, though, unless you’re wearing goggles.
  • Apply necessary concealer to the under eye area of the eye. If the corner of your eyes is very dark also apply concealer in this area with a brush.
  • Groom your brows. If you want drama in your eye makeup your brow plays a major role in the overall look. For dramatic eye makeup this color should be a shade darker than your hair color.
  • Curl lashes and then layer on two coats of mascara in rapid succession to complete the effect.
  • To make eyes appear larger, apply eyeliner using a darker shade near the top lashes and a lighter shade (in the same color family) on the lower lash line. Don’t line eyes all the way around with the same color.
  • Dramatic eyeshadows. It’s very hard to pull off dramatic eye makeup in beige and light mauve. Try to go for a few shades darker than what you’re used to, or else a number of similar, brightly colored eyeshadows. Above all, though, make sure the eyeshadow flatters your skin tone; a dramatic color in the wrong shade can seriously cramp your style.
  • Mascara. You may think your lashes are too sparse, too short or too straight. But a good mascara can work wonders. Check out our article, What’s the best mascara?, for some insight into good quality mascaras that can be used for day and dramatic eye makeup.

These dramatic eye makeup tips are only a start experiment to find what looks best on you for different occasions. Allow your eyes to take the lead and make the rest of your makeup a little more muted to let your eyes really stand out.

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