Makeup Tips for Older Women: Beauty Tips To Look Younger

It is every woman’s dream to stay young and vibrant for the rest of their lives. Every woman would love to preserve the freshness and radiance of their youthful skin but with time, aging takes its toll on the skin. Aging of skin is an inevitable process which can be slowed down but cannot be completely avoided. A proper skin care regime can help you slow down the process of aging of skin and preserve the charm of your skin for as long as possible.

Now that you are in your forties or beyond, you may find that it is getting even harder to find the right colors and styles that are best for you. You may also find that your skin has lost some of its elasticity, some wrinkles may have crept in over the last decade and you have more breakouts or dryness. These factors make it difficult to find the right products for your skin at this time in your life. You may be getting older, but fear not, there are makeup tips to look your best and most youthful at any age.

The biggest problem most older women have with makeup is finding the right makeup colors that look great on them.  There are other factors that have many older women confused over makeup but here are some makeup techniques for older women to help you look your best:

Difference Between Older and Younger Women Makeup

  • The makeup of older women needs to be more graceful than that of young women.
  • The use of colors should be done in a more classy way. There should be use of more pastel shades. Excess glittery and skin showy clothes should be avoided.
  • The combination of accessories with the dress should be very sophisticated and stylish.
  • Makeup should focus on hiding the ageing marks like wrinkles, blemishes and scars if any.
  • As there is a little less scope to go out of way in hairdo and hair color, the experiments should be done in a subtle way with hair cuts.
  • It is always preferable to go for regular cuts and suitable trends other than blindly following the fashion.
  • Remember it’s not about looking younger; it is about looking beautiful at your own age.

Make up Tips for Older Women

You may be above 40 but there is no reason, why you should look so. So here are some tips and tricks for mature women to conceal their age effectively and look young forever:


As by this age, your eyebrows may start getting sparser and the color of your eyebrows may begin to fade, give them additional definition with a powder, pencil or gel that is similar to your natural hair color.

Face Makeup:

To start with the face, cleanse the skin first, then use a vitamin packed moisturizer, now use a good foundation primer. Next step is the application of foundation; experts recommend the use of only liquid or cream foundations, preferably one chock full of antioxidants & moisture. It’s best to use a sheer or medium weight foundation. It reflects light & helps in covering up blemishes.

You can use a non frosted powder below the chin to hide the saggy neck. Concealer should have a yellow or golden undertone to counteract under eye dark circles & hide flaws & blemishes. Finish up the base using a translucent powder. To attain a youthful appearance, apply peachy pink blush to the apples of cheeks. A deeper shade & a little sheen may even lighten up your eyes but try to avoid glittery shades.

Eyes Makeup:

Eyes are the mirrors to someone’s soul; they speak more than words and convey unsaid feelings. Eyes are the main attraction of every face. Eye makeup is extremely important and if not done properly, it can ruin the look of the entire face.

Aging leads to appearance of dark circles underneath eyes. To hide dark circles, first apply a concealer. Then you can apply neutral shades of eye shadows such as light pink color, sand color, cream color, etc. The used of light shades underneath eyes will brighten the eye area and reduce the visibility of dark circles. The next step is to apply a nude-shade eye shadow on the entire eyelid area.

To give depth to your eyes, apply a dark-colored eye shadow with a brush in the crease of the eye. These days gel and cream eyeliners are preferred over pencil eyeliners as they stay for a longer time and do not smudge. Moreover gel and cream eye liners give a natural look to the eyes.

If you want to apply thin line of eye liner, you can even use a flat brush. The next step is to apply mascara, black or brown, as per the shade of your hair color. While applying mascara to top eyelashes apply two coats and then remove the excess with a cotton swab dipped in makeup remover.

Older women should strictly stay away from glittering eye shades as they can coagulate in the lines near the eyes. Heavy eyeliners give an effect of droopy eyes and thus should be avoided. In a nutshell, try to keep your makeup subtle and graceful and you will be able to look gorgeous even as you age.

Lips Makeup:

Your lips must have started getting a little dry by now. So the challenge before you is giving your lip, a fresh and young look. Prefer using foundation and powder close to the lip line. You can also go for an anti-feathering lip primer to avoid feathering. Choose graceful shades of lipsticks. More than colors pay attention to the moisture and fullness of your lips. Pink, Berry, Coral or Peach shades are good options.


  • No matter what make up you decide to wear, keep it subtle.
  • With your skin now ripening and maturing, less is better.
  • Always go for the barely there look and then accentuate only one feature on your face. You will look graceful.
  • Try the soft, glow and shine look instead of a matte look. People will fall in love with you all over again.
  • Always do your makeup in a well- lit room. That gives you a good look on your face.
  • Go for a style that is natural to you.

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