How To Apply Makeup for Baggy Eyes

Baggy eyes often leave us looking tired. Some of the most common factors or causes of puffy eyes are water retention, allergies and hormone changes. Excessive bagginess underneath the eyes can be concealed with the right application of makeup. Makeup is the best way by which you can get rid of the baggy eyes or eye puffiness. Here are a few easy baggy eye makeup tips to help your eyes look less swollen or puffy instead of more.

Prepare Your Baggy Eyes for Makeup

  • The first step is to prepare your eyes for makeup. The best way to reduce the bagginess would be to wash your eyes with cold water. You could also apply icepack or teabags soaked in cold water on your eyes for ten minutes.
  • A slice of cucumber or raw potato or cotton soaked in witch hazel also works wonder in reducing the puffiness of the eyes.
  • After you are done with it, apply a good eye cream around your eyes, especially concentrating on the under eye area. This way your eyes would be moist for long and your makeup wouldn’t cake up or crease even after hours.

The Best Eye Makeup for Baggy Eyes

  • First of all, apply concealer all over the eyes. It should cover the entire area, from the lash line to the brows. After that, apply translucent powder.
  • Apply a foundation primer to the problem area before using the foundation and concealer. Place a small amount of primer on your finger and wipe it across the under-eye area.
  • Apply your foundation before applying the concealer. Failure to do so will cause the concealer to be wiped off by the foundation.
  • Instead of wearing eyeliner over the entire upper eye-lash root line when your eyes are puffy, apply eyeliner only to the outer one-fifth of the root-line; or don’t wear eyeliner until the puffiness is gone. Eyeliner on puffy eyes can make them look even more distorted.
  • Apply a thin layer of a cream that contains a bit of sparkle or shimmer to the area directly underneath your eyes, just above your cheekbones. The shine draws attention away from any puffiness. You can also draw attention away from puffiness by applying eyeliner to your upper eyelid and finishing off the look with dark mascara.
  • Put the emphasis on the lips with bright colors, instead of the eyes. This will naturally draw attention away from your puffy eyes and more towards the mouth.

Hope you will like these useful puffy eyes makeup tips and tricks. So, here are some suggestions for you please follow them. Choose the concealer type that is right for you. Liquid concealers provide a bright look, but crease easier than cream concealers. Stick concealers provide heavier coverage and are usually easier to apply.

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