Makeup For Asian Eyes: Useful Tips and Tricks

Asian eyes are uniquely beautiful with an elongated, sexy shape that is alluring, mysterious and unabashedly exotic (especially when peeping out from beneath a colorful fan). Asian women tend to look gorgeous in eye shadow colors such as shimmery white, charcoal grey, taupe and cobalt blue. If you are Asian with a porcelain, yellow-based skin tone, your color options are endless. Your makeup application, however, requires a little more thought.

Many Asian women try to make their small eyes appear bigger like Caucasian eyes by using eye makeup. I think that is a tremendous effort but not such a good makeup philosophy. Slanted Asian eyes are in fact very charming and exotic-looking. If you were born with them, you should be grateful for such a wonderful blessing nature has given you.

In this article, you will learn how to apply eye makeup for Asian eyes in order to accentuate and draw attention to those slanted little eyes without making them look artificially wider. Keep in mind that these eye makeup tips are not to change what you’ve got, but to enhance them.

Makeup Tip For Asian Eyes

  • When applying eye makeup for Asians, it is always wise to remember that you do have options. Using a combination of eyeliner pencil, liquid eyeliner, and eye shadow will always add definition and sophistication to your eyes. Make the most of these items.
  • There are a number of different shades of blacks and browns so eye makeup for Asian eyes does not have to be plain. Why not try an espresso color, or one that has a glint of sparkle in it.
  • Dramatic eye make up application can include adding a touch of color. Asian eyes look great in shades of plum and raisin.
  • Graduating your eye makeup from your eyelash line to your eyebrow will help to give your eyes more depth. For this to look great, you should use the darkest shade along your eyelash line and merge this into lighter shades of color nearer your eyebrow.
  • Another of our Asian eye makeup tips is creating different eye shapes. When applying eye makeup for Asians you can use dark colors to minimize the shape of the eyes and light colors to make them appear larger.
  • Asian eyes are very versatile when it comes to color accents. You can compliment your brown Asian eyes by using shades of pale pink. You can also accent your eyes by using gold and rust colors.

When it comes to eye make up for Asian eyes you should always remember that for Asians their eyes are the most important feature and special attention should be given to them. When looking at Asian eye makeup tips, you will always see that black mascara and black eyeliner at the best for enhancing your eyes. This is because the mascara and eyeliner that is used in eye makeup for Asian eyes helps to enhance their almond shaped eyes.

Eye shadow can also play an important factor when it comes to Asian eye makeup. Our Asian eye makeup tips for eye shadow are also very simple and easy to follow.

  • When choosing your eye shadow color you will need to look at the amount of fold you have above the eye lid.
  • A lot of fold is essential for dramatic eye makeup and color such as black, deep purple, and navy blue will look stunning especially at night time.
  • Use multi-layering of your eye shadow colors to enhance your look.

As you can see from eye makeup application tips, black is not the only color that you can choose from. There are many ways to create dramatic eye makeup for Asian eyes; all you have to do is experiment.

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