How to Choose the Best Makeup for Asian Skin – Makeup Tips

So many fashion and beauty products are aimed specifically at white, Caucasian women and even though many of the techniques are the same, you need to be aware of the differences. Asian women appreciate the difference in their eyes, skin, hair and their exotic, natural beauty.

While most Asian women can’t get away with the beauty products and colors that blond hair and blue-eyed women find flattering, an Asian woman’s skin tone, eyes and other features are naturally beautiful and their exotic features should be focused on and emphasized. So many Asian women have become very famous and successful in the acting field as well as the modeling industry. Their Asian looks are very alluring and their exotic beauty is highly sought after.  More and more, the cosmetic industry is developing products that match the Asian skin tones.
One of the greatest challenges for Asian women is applying eye makeup.

Asian Makeup Tips

Applying eyeshadow – After applying your foundation, concealer and powder, sweep some lilac eyeshadow over your eyelid. This pale colour is a better option than using darker eyeshadows near the eyes asn they have a tendency to make them look deep set, particularly as your eyelids tend to be quite small.

Lightly fill your eyebrows with a dark brown or eyebrow pencil to provide a strong frame to your eyes. This will help balance the eyeliner which is going to be applied next.

Applying Eyeliner – A lick of blue black eye liner will emphasize your beautiful- shaped eyes, and help correct any droopiness. Slick it along the lower lashes and into outer corners of your eyes to create balance. To prevent the overall look from seeming too harsh, use a cotton bud to soften the eyeliner slightly.

Applying Mascara – Place your eyelashes between the edges of a curler, and gently squeeze for a few seconds. Then apply two coats of black mascara.

Applying blusher – A warm blusher gives a wonderful boost to your complexion and brings out is natural glow. Dust it over the plumpest part of your cheeks.

Applying lipstick – A baby pink lipstick bring your lips fasionably into focus. The cool blue tone to this shade works wonderfully on your colouring.

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