Prefect Bridal Makeup Tips For Asian Bride

There is not a bride in the world who does not want to look beautiful on her wedding day. Asian bridal makeup is not hard to apply and as long as you keep a few simple tips and pointers in mind while you are putting your Asian bridal makeup on you will end up looking absolutely stunning. The key is to know what looks good on you color wise and how to apply different products in order to look beautiful and natural on your wedding day.

Makeup Tips

Many Asian women don’t spend much time on eye makeup on a regular basis, just applying eyeliner and mascara for the most part, and maybe a sweep of a single eyeshadow color, but with some patience (and hopefully some practice before the wedding day) these Asian makeup tips will turn your eyes into something extraordinary.

The Basics

First, get your foundation and powder set, then dust some loose powder under your eyes to make it easier to brush any stray eyeshadow away without leaving smudges. If you have eyelid prepping creme, apply this now so the eyeshadow will be evenly absorbed by your skin.

Base Eyeshadow Color

Brush on a neutral color with gold undertones and a slight shimmer on your eyelid. If you lack a second eyelid crease, the goal will be to create a difference visually between the “eyelid” and the “area under the eye”, so leave a strip right under your eyebrow free of the neutral eyeshadow.

Eyeliner Application

Using a jet black eyeliner (unless you’re going for a very soft look instead of dramatic, in which case use dark brown), really work the eyeliner into your upper lash line. It will take a few minutes, and you should be going from side to side a little with the applicator to get full, thick coverage. The effect will be to make your eyes really pop, and make your eyelashes look much thicker than they actually are – and we haven’t even gotten to mascara yet!

Adding Eyeshadow Color

Working from the inside corners of your eyes outward, use at least three shades of one jewel color (dark blue, dark green, dark red, or dark purple) to create a smooth gradient of light to dark on your eyelids. Use a soft brush and small strokes to get a perfect blend, and remember to leave that same strip right under your eyes bare. Then, using a small brush, fill in that strip with a few strokes of a pale, whitish color – depending on your skin tone, a very pale neutral would work also.

Applying Mascara

Get out a tube of volumizing mascara, and stroke up and out, then come from underneath and put mascara on all sides of your upper lashes, and carefully do the bottom lashes too without getting any black on your skin. A strip of tissue paper can help prevent staining on your face. Then, comb out all the clumps with an eyelash comb, followed by heatin up some eyelash curlers with a hair dryer until they’re pretty warm, and clamping them down on your upper eyelashes at least twice, holding for 15-30 seconds each time.

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