6 Cool Ways to Decorate Your Nails

You can come to a beauty salon, pay a certain sum of money and nail artist will make you a professional nail design. Nail polish is the best way you can give your nails and your hands an artistic look. Face and hands are the most exposed parts of the body, so while you pay so much of attention to making your face look beautiful, you must make sure that your hands look equally good.

With new trends like tattoos, hair color, nail art really catching up in US and penetrating to more sections of society, it becomes important to know about them in deeper details. These days a variety of products are available to enable you to decorate your nails at home. Here are few clean ways to decorate your nails.

Helpful Ways to Decorate Your Nails

Some of them are way out there, but a lot of them are really pretty. See which options you like out of these cool neat ways to decorate your nails!

  • Clip your nails with sharp nail clippers then file off the rough edges. Soften your cuticles, by soaking them in warm/hot water for a couple minutes or use cuticle cream or oil then push them back. Don’t forget to take off any leftover nail polish by using fingernail polish remover.
  • Paint your nails with a nail primer first. Then let it dry. This will let your color last longer.
  • Choose a nail color. Instead of going with the same old colors go for colors that you never use. Neon colors, glitters, and weird colors usually get a lot of attention!
  • Shake your nail polish then take out the brush. It will probably drip a huge glob so brush it on the top so it the glob will go back in. Evenly paint your nails. Its okay if the color is lighter than you wished for. Just let them dry completely and then apply another coat.
  • If you want a extra fun look get a different color and use the tip to create dots. Use a tooth pick for stripes. Make sure it doesn’t look tacky and the colors coordinate.
  • Get a clear nail polish to swipe over after your main colors are dry. This will lock in your color and keep it from chipping.

Of course, before any of this, you have to make sure your nails are in good shape. And you need to outweigh pros, cons, and potential damages before making a decision of what to get.

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