The Most Effective Makeup Tips for Red Headed Woman

If you have red or auburn hair, congratulations for being unique! If you’re a natural redhead, you probably have very fair skin to go along with your beautiful tresses. We’ve got some simple skin and makeup tips for you to highlight your facial features and compliment your natural skin tone.

The Best Makeup Tips for Redheads

Now and then, you may like to put away the make-up cremes and rather use a suitable foundation matching your light complexion. Redheads look especially classy this way.

Redheads Face Makeup Tips:

When applying foundation the aim is not to alter your skin tone, but to even it out and get a smooth canvas. Opt for shades that are very close if not the same to your natural skin tone. Try to stay away from shades with pink undertones, since your red hair already adds warmth to your face – instead opt for beige hues and yellow undertones.

Don’t try to hide your freckles, these are your signature features – instead, let them peek through under a sheer creamy foundation or even a tinted moisturizer if you don’t need heavy coverage.

Use a concealer (green-based concealer) if needed to hide blemishes, spots or under eye circles. Then set the face makeup with powder.

Redheads Eye Makeup Tips:

Time has done away with many rules. No longer is the eye make-up of redheads restricted to the color green. Of course, peat, olive and khaki still bring out the special beauty of redheads but now you can add other colors to your eye makeup as well. There are for example warm eye-shadows like gold, copper, cinnamon, rust and nutmeg, which blend harmoniously with the special features of redheads.

If you are about to create a particularly sophisticated look you should reach for contrast colours like lilac, plum, teal or turquois. You may of course also dispense with eye shadow altogether and use nothing but an eye-liner to create soft accents.

Redheads often have light eyelashes but the generous application of mascara creates expressive eyes. You can lengthen short lashes by using extension mascara. Very light skin often forms a hard contrast with black mascara. In such cases, brownish-black mascara is a better choice.

Eyebrow Styling for Redheads:

Accenting the eyebrows the right way is important for redheads. Light-skinned redheads should avoid strongly contrasting very dark eyebrows because they are likely to create a mask-like appearance. Better apply eyebrow pencils in brownish red tones for a warm soft look and use the pencils with a light touch to create broken lines between the eyebrow hairs.

Redheads Cheeks Makeup Tips:

For a playful look, apply a bit of pink blush on the apples of the cheeks. For something a little sexier, try a peachy blush up higher on the cheekbones to enhance the natural angles of your face. However, beware using too much blush, which can make you look like a painted doll. Also beware bronzer, which can make the face appear tawny.

Redheads Lips Makeup Tips:

While it is true that nude lipsticks tend to work well for red-haired women, a sexy red lip isn’t totally off limits! If you have a warm skin tone, try a bright, orangey red. If your skin tone is cooler, a darker red lipstick can add warmth and depth.

However, the colouring of red-haired ladies can vary drastically, so always make sure to test out a new red lipstick so you don’t feel like you’re clashing with your ‘do. Red lips are all about confidence, so you want to feel comfortable in the hue you pick.

Redheads Nails Makeup Tips:

One of the benefits to paler skin whether you have red hair or not is that you can pull off some pretty bold nail polish. In fact, crimson, chrome, navy and forest green tend to look better than the pale pink, white or nude hues that many other skin tones can be limited too.

Red hair is a fantastic way to add a unique twist to your look.  If you’re considering a change, complete your look with the right makeup and no one will know you weren’t born a redhead.

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