The Useful Makeup Tips for Women Over 50

Looking good is not just a young women’s prerogative nowadays. In fact, even at 50+ you can look good and have that gorgeous look that will make eyes turn. But you must be wondering how to go about doing this thing. Again, you might not be very happy with the make-up schedule that you are following.

You really don’t need to apply very heavy or loud make up to look good. To make yourself look beautiful and pretty, you can follow the make up tips  for women over 50. The tips are easy and allow you to look beautiful without investing much time and effort.

Make up Tips for Women over 50

  • One of the first tips is rethinking you’re makeup routine that you have been following since you were in your twenties or thirties. Techniques of makeup that may have worked twenty years back will add age to your face in your fifties.
  • One of the best things about making up after you’re in your fifties is that women generally tend to look better with much less on their face – as the old adage goes ‘less is more’.
  • The fundamental factor about skin that looks wonderful at fifty is a great complexion. Hence, before you start your makeup routine, see that your skin is clear of dead skin cells. If you have never followed a skin exfoliation routine, this is the best time to begin. Foundation can only look good according to the skin it is applied on.
  • When choosing a blush, pick one that is muted in color and is cream based, which blends easily. Smile and apply the blush on the apples of the cheeks, and then blend well. Blush should appear as if your cheeks have a natural glow, and not end up making your face look gaunt.
  • Now that your skin is exfoliated, it is ready for makeup. Begin by applying a moisturizer, and then a foundation that is moisture based. When applying the foundation, make sure to use it sparingly – just a light coat in a shade that is as near the natural color of your skin as possible. As for the areas under the eyes, use a concealer that is lightly textured, blending it with moisturizer before you apply it.
  • Then, apply a light dusting of powder. You can use a powder brush to apply it all over your face evenly. See that the resulting effect is not blotchy.
  • The next thing you need to apply is the mascara. Make sure to apply only a single coat, and only on the upper lashes. The same principle applies to the eyeliner as well. Eye makeup that is applied to the lower lids inevitably smudges down, creating that aging black-eyed look.
  • After applying the mascara, if you want longer looking lashes, curl them with an eyelash curler. Next, apply your eyeliner with a light hand.
  • The next step is coloring your lips. If you simply can’t do without the lip liner, choose one that is neutral in tone and apply it lightly and on the lip line, not outside them. Also, lips should be colored very lightly, with natural colored lipsticks being the best. When you wear cools, choose a rose shade of lipstick, and for warms, coral shades are great.
  • To look your best after fifty, avoid using vivid colors of makeup as well as shimmer eye shadows. Loud colors and shimmer just accentuates fines wrinkles and lines. Also, avoid using matte makeup products, which are meant for oily skin, for they look dry and pasty, particularly matte lipstick.
  • And finally, don’t let yourself be defined by the makeup you wear, use it to enhance and decorate the features of your face.

Just keep these tips in mind and you will see how, even at 50+, you attract attention wherever you go. And who knows, even the younger women may come to and ask you for make up tips.

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