Get Silky and Smooth Legs is not a Dream

{YBA} Fun with short skirts and swimsuits reaches to peak if you have smooth and silky legs at the arrival of hot summer.  Achieving silky, smooth and sexy legs is not a dream, you must take care of this gentle and precious part of body to boast your sex appeal. Besides devoting some time to the proper training of legs it is important to also furnish your skin with the best treatments that would strengthen and nourish your legs.

Read this post and follow the easy steps to keep your legs silky and lovely without ever touching a razor. With these time tested, professional tips and few steps you’ll be able to erase the dry skin and damages left behind by winter.

1. Healthy Warm Bath

Take bath with warm water once in a week as this hot soak will help in the removal of dead skin cells which leads to an improved and increased cell reproduction. Removal of these dead cells is very important as they clog the pores and generate various skin problems.

Make sure the water is bearably warm, this will guarantee the elimination of any debris from the surface of the skin and would properly boost the blood flow.

2.  Exfoliate with Loofah

Removing dead cells from skin is very important and crucial part of beauty domain. Various methods can be used for this purpose, but i prefer to use a loofah to exfoliate once or twice a week.

Undoubtedly exfoliation can furnish your body with a reinvigorating treatment, resulting in smooth skin and prevent ingrown hairs. Use them gently, and not too frequently. You want to aid your skin’s regeneration, not irritate it.

3. Hair Removal Pads

This great beauty product has a twin action, It not only exfoliate the skin but remove the unwanted hair as well. These pads can easily be taken from any beauty store. Rub them gently in small circles by covering all the critical portions of your legs. Use light pressure only, you don’t want to abrade the skin.

This will remove the hair and exfoliate at the same time. The elimination of this burden will maximize the cell reproduction which will have a visible result and would add a soft and shiny tint to your legs.

Alternate to hair removal pads, you can get some 400 or 500 grit sandpaper and cut them into 3-4″ squares. You can do this step by using sandpaper instead of hair removal pads and it will reduce your cost as well.

4. Use a good Lotion

Cocoa butter lotion or a lotion with aloe will keep your skin smooth and healthy. Be careful to avoid oily lotions, as they can clog pores and contribute to ingrown hairs.

5. Inhibit Hair Growth

There are certain products that can be used after hair removal to inhibit or slows down the new hair growth. They will make the hair finer and lighter with each use, and they really do work to make your hair grow less.

6. Plenty of Liquid Intake

Liquid especially water helps in the excretion of nitrogenous and other toxins form our body. So you should increase liquid intake, minimum 8 glasses of water and some vegetable or fruit juice a day. This will properly hydrate your complexion and would prevent the formation of any skin disorders and acne or cellulite.

Keep your legs spotless with the proper conditioning treatments. Choose the natural ones as the ideal methods to stay green and have silky legs. I hope you will agree, to get silky, sexy and smooth legs is not a dream. Any girl can have by following the above steps with little care.

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