The Impressively Useful Makeup Tips for Spring 2012

Spring is just around the corner, and that means more sunny days spent outside. Spring is known as a time for change and fresh starts. If you are looking for new and amazing spring makeup tips and trends, then don’t go far. You will see a mix of old and new for spring. Here are the top makeup tips for summer and spring 2012 that will definitely keep you at the edge of your seats.

The Best Makeup Tips for Spring and Summer 2012

  • Spring makeup means simple and clean with hints of color. Instead of heavier purples and precious metals, reach for more neutral shades.
  • The plum and wintry shades are now replaced with brighter, sun-kissed cheeks. A bronzer will also contour your cheeks and give you such a gorgeous glow.
  • Add a touch of extra shine to the inner corners of your eyes with a shimmery white cream or powder to make them POP!
  • Cheeks will be getting a fresh new look too. Bronzers will be big this season along with glowing cheek colors in light floral pinks. Liquid cheek stains in particular are popular this spring and can be worn on fresh clean skin or over foundation or under powder.
  • Using your fingers or a small eyeshadow brush, apply the highlighter under the brow blending down towards the crease and across towards the nose and the hairline. Finally, apply some of the highlighter across the top of your cheekbone, blending it down into the blush and up into the eye area.
  • The simplest way to accentuate your eyes is to apply a sheer, shimmery, fleshtone colour from your lashline to the crease and blend it out. Smudge pencil eyeliner or eyeshadow along your upper lash line, blending into the lashes as much as possible.
  • Lip colors either lighten up for daytime in spring, with lots of glossy pink and salmon, or they go bright with berries to balance lighter eyes and cheeks.
  • Orange lids, cheeks and even lips will be seen all over the place. If you want to try out orange lips but are a little hesitant, pick a fiery red lip instead. This type of red has orange tones in it. You can also downplay orange lips with a pinkish nude lip gloss.

Get ready for spring time with these amazing make up trends. Let your natural makeup shine this season and choose which trend suits you best. These makeup tip are useful for working women, teenagers girls and all over the females. Hope you will have liked these useful tips.

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