20+ Excellent Examples of Multiplicity Photography

Multiplicity is a photography technique in which the same person is photographed from different angles and directions and then the bunch of photographs are digitally re-mastered in Photoshop showing clones of the person doing different things all in one photo.

Cleo and her 21 brothers & sisters – Bobasonic

Multiplicity, falling by Roisin C

What You Don’t Know Can Indeed Hurt You – Rebekka

Creepy Multiplicity – Albany, NY – Sebastein.B

That Would Be a Handful by Rebekka

Dental Multiplicity – Self Portrait by Tuth Doc99

The Unconscious by John Suler’s Photo Psychology

Working in The Library by Lcky Pic

Day 192: Just the Two of Us by Sayla Marz

Multiplicity The Under Load

Multiplicity – Meanies x2, Victim x1 by Grogg

Day 242 of 365 by Evaxebra

Multiplicity by Carcasparka

Come on Feel The Illinoise by Paul Mayne

365 Days – Day 71 – Hippy Tree Huggers by Auntie P

Family Multiplicity Photography by Madnzany

Multiplicity Photography by Lens-Prince

Beggars Can’t be Choosers – 44.365 by NikiLynn

The Home Office by 4 Curt Toumanian

My clones ball by Me Find

Too many cooks Photo by Grogg

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