Beautiful Dual Monitors Desktop Wallpapers

Dual monitors, also known as two-monitors setup has been widely adopted in many offices as well as individual workspace. It is a common practice among the developers and designers. Some has even brought the setup further to 3 or more monitors. As prices of LCD monitors are dropping each day, more spacious desktop can be economically achieved by adding an additional monitor. Here’s a showcase of more than 70+ Beautiful Dual-Monitors Desktop Wallpapers, something that really spice up your desktop.

Phone Home by Skallywag – Skallywag Phone Booth

Butterfly Dual Effekt by Jesaja-

Raindrops on Leafs Dual Monitor Wallpaper

Together – Duel Display by Thegenome

Grassy Dual Desktop Wallpaper

Depth Perception by ToeTag

Stormy Sunset Wallpapers for Dual Desktop

Hydrogen – Wide by Skybase

Dual Screen Winter Nature Beauty

Tokyo Panorama Wallpapers for Dual Screen

Saarschleife Panorama Dual Desktop Wallpapers

Salt Flat Close Up by Jfowler11

Lake Dillon East Sunset Panorama

Stream Ending Into The Ocean by Jfowler11

Mandolux Lantern by Jfowler11

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