20 Mind Blowing Examples Of Surreal Photography

In surreal photography lighting and exposures are often played with more than in conventional photography, and this can lead to ghostly forms, abstract shapes and interesting use of light/shadows. The conventions of physics are also overturned, as some photographers carefully construct the details of the photo, in order to present the impossible. I hope that you appreciate these 20 works, and find them as inspiring as I have!

Faceless Fall



An Upside – Down World

Funny Cold Shooting

Blue Sky

Surreal Photography

Music in The New Flat

Hidden Visitor

Lake of Fire Lightpainting

Last Drop

Mothership II

Play with Clouds

Rainy Days

Raven and Red Square

Sounds of Yesterday


Surreal BA



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  1. such a fantastic photography, its really awesome …. i literally like the pencil color photo..!!!