If Animals Were Models: Very Interesting Pictures

Some are happy to pose, some are angry, some want to show their natural beauty and are confident, and some are extremely shy. Some have even used props to make their picture interesting. And if these pictures are still not enough, we’ve added links to more collections of beautiful animal photography after the jump below. Enjoy!

Stags Fight by Morgan ONeill

Thoughts modeling Photo by Tatyana Zaytseva

Squirrel Animals,Cute,Photography,Funny, by Insurance 5

Cute animal by Happy CMN – Jack Zhang

Faith, Hope, and Love by Nikolai Zinoviev

Precious by Hvhe 1 – Hennie Van Heerden

Sleep Hour of Model Birds by Tatyana Zaytseva

Cat Model Photoby Ilnur Saetgareev

Stay Away From Me Weirdo by Ammar Al Othman

Funny Animal Teeth by Charming

All Kitties Yawn – Tomi Tapio

Stop Thief by Ernieleo

Series of Wild Animals 3 Photo by Nerw2

Umm Huh? Animal Modeling Photo by Peter Kralik

Please Don’t Kill Me by Vinni Bruhn

Yup, This Is My Treat Virgil – Knitting Skwerlgurl

Follow Me Guys Photography by Brin

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