Stunning Collection of Dark Wallpapers For Your Desktop

Wallpapers can be imaginative, innovative, inspiration and stylish. Being a designer you may need to create something original and inspiring. Today, We have gathered here superb collection of dark wallpapers created by some hard-working and dedicated designers, presenting especially for you to get some idea. Hope that you will like them and feel free to share your comments here.

Strukt Wallpaper by Andreas Koller

Summer Dream by Antonisfes

Black No 1 Wallpaper by Phiberphreak

Funerium – Moment in Space CXIII

The 7th Hour by Ladyrapid

Puzzled by Casperium

Wallpaper Black by Henke ART

Wallpapers Design by Miika Ahvenjarvi

First Snow by Taenaron

Manny Gonzalez – Red Glow Balls and Red Floor

Dark Wallpaper by Soliton

Casperium – Lower Ries Nebula WS

Even If I Have to Wallpaper by Damnengine

Russ Schwenkler – Gallardo Nera Rear by Dangeruss

Batman Wallpaper TDK by Gaz De nA

Atomic Love by Abbabeffy

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