My Feeling for You – Short Special Friend Poems

You may meet a person and instantly know that you will be best friends forever. Other friendships develop over an extended period of time. In some friendships you may feel a sense of equality, while in others there may be a clear sense that one is giving more to the friendship then the other.

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Source: Friendship Poems from Family Friend Poems

1. You Were There

when tears fell from my eyes
you were there to brush them away
when I was lost in confusion
you were there to say that everything would be okay
when I stood before you falling apart
you were there to lend your heart
when I felt like no one could understand
you were there to take my hand
when no one else was left to care
you were there

2. I Need A Friend

I need a friend who along with time can help my broken heart to mend.
I need a friend who can lend me their ears, someone who can dry my face of the many fallen tears.
I need a friend that can hold me tight, someone who won’t let me go until made clear I am finally alright.
I need a friend who has once cried, someone who knows what it is like to feel that inside you have died.
I need a friend who can tell me it’s okay, someone who knows I’m not crazy for feeling this way.
I need a friend who needs one too, I say this now because I hope that this someone I speak of turns out to be you.

3. My Friend

Whenever I think of the times we’ve shared together,
I’m reminded of the pains and heartaches we’ve had to weather.
It seems no matter what’s going on,
To find comfort we don’t have to wait too long.
What then do we do when times get harder, as we continue to grow older?
Let me just say this to you,
Our friendship is very dear and special, too.
So please, no matter what happens between us,
Don’t let our friendship turn to dust.
Or I will without a doubt fall apart,
With the pieces of my broken heart.

4. Someone Special

Our acquaintance has been only a short time,
But our time spent is so gentle on my mind.
How is it that we become so full of certain people?
Like a ray of warm sunshine
that goes on and on
never to end….
Never wanting it to end!!
Feelings so full of warmth.
Smiles so easily crossing lips.

5. Love Will Come Again

People say love comes and goes…
I say let the truth be known…
We have several types of love;
for our children,
and friends,
but there is a gentle love
that I call my best friend.
I’ve been fortunate enough to love or I thought it was…
until I met a man that showed me what is a best friend.
He taught me how to laugh, cry,
and show me how it feels to have emotions again,
but some how life took over
and we said our good-byes,
but you see he gave me something I was missing
and that was me.
I thank my special friend
for I will never forget
how wonderful it was to be loved again.

Source: Friendship Poems from Family Friend Poems

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