Designer Cesare Paciotti’s Shoes With Lace Soles – Feminine Leather & Lace Print Sole

{YBA} Congratulation to all stylish females for shoes fashion, Cesare Paciotti is introducing a gorgeous new sole design featuring a black lace print that’s been trademarked by the company. The Italian footwear designer chose lace because it represents femininity and sexiness, which are the cornerstones of the brand’s style.

The updated soles, which scream Sophia Loren, can already be seen in the fall collection available in stores now, but a newer version for spring 2011 in blush as opposed to the typical red will be unveiled this month.

The lace print as well as the signature gold dagger will be permanent sole fixtures for now, but colors may change with seasons and styles. While it may not necessarily draw legions of Louboutin fans away from their red soles, I do see a new generation of women seeking a change to adopt this new look.

Cesare Paciotti’s lace soles, Can you honestly resist to exposing the lace on your shoes soles?

I mean who cares about how your shoes look like? Forget that, bet it all on your soles, Your lace soles! Undoubtedly easy to mistake with Louboutins, the Paciotti red soles with lace on feel like another little find to shove heavy prices down on consumers throats. Ahem feet. Glamorous feet, nonetheless.

Cesare Paciotti Lace Red Soles Booties

Cesare Paciotti Lace Red Soles Black Shoes

Cesare Paciotti Lace Red Soles Blue Shoes

Cesare Paciotti Lace soles Black Shoes

Shoes With Lace Soles Cesare Paciotti

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