Elegant Cherub Tattoo Design 2011

Cherub tattoos are pretty popular designs for women. They cute, sexy and feminine all at once. They are also very popular among women and they can make a great lower back tattoo design , a chest piece or even be incorporated into a leg or sleeve for the arm designs.

Cherubs are usually known as baby angels. Their significance goes back to the writing of the Old Testament and ancient Hebrew stories. They are often depicted as young boys or girls with chubby bodies and small wings. Sometimes they are playful, mischievous, frightened or holy. A cherub tattoo can show your playfulness or it can emphasize your spirituality.

Best Cherub Tattoo Design

Cherub Tattoo Design

Cherub Tattoo for Girls

Cherub Tattoo for Young Girls

Cherub Tattoo Latest Design

Cherub Tattoo New Trend

Cherub Tattoo on Back

Cool Cherub Tattoo Design

Latest Cherub Tattoo Trend

Cherub Tattoo

Cherub Tattoo Design on Arm

Cherub Tattoos

Angel and Cherub Tattoo Design

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