Why You Should Opt For Orthotic Insoles

Orthotic insoles are not the over the counter shoe inserts that are designed to simply cushion your shoes and help prevent rubbing. These are a medical tool that are the primary method for relieving pain for numerous foot conditions. Doctors, podiatrists, physiotherapists and other medical professionals recommend orthotic insoles to help combat health concerns. 

Holistic, Natural Healing

One of the best things about deciding to use orthotic insoles to combat back pain, leg pain, foot and ankle weakness is that they are completely natural.

The best, medical orthotics are designed to condition the biomechanical workings of the limbs and back. These can work to realign the foot, or the point of pressure or pain. Instant pain relief means that there is no need to consume chemicals or other medications.

Footwear Lasts Longer

Many people have to replace their shoes regularly because they wear down the inside of the shoe with their heel, ball of their foot or other areas, depending on where they place their weight when they walk. This can become painful over time because the foot will begin to rub against the rougher, unprotected exteriors of the shoe. More importantly, wearing old, worn or ill-fitting shoes can actually make any existing foot conditions much worse, or even make a sprain or inflammation spread to other areas of the body.

Not Just Pain Management

A common myth about orthotic insoles is that they should be placed in everyday shoes to help manage pain but do not actually work to help the condition on a long-term basis. This is not true. Orthotics are designed to target a specific area of the foot, whether that is the arch, Achilles tendon or other area. The cushion supports the area of the foot that is over compensating or experiencing pain. The advanced technology absorbs shock to protect the foot, too. This acts as a kind of muscle conditioning, like weight training, and over time the foot begins to realign. All of these actions working together at once can help existing conditions and help to prevent further issues with posture, alignment, movement and pain in the joints or muscles.

Unfortunately, one of the myths about orthotic insoles is that they provide soft cushioning and make your shoes feel like slippers. When individuals realise this is not how the insoles work, they take them out, dissatisfied. In order to be effective for holistic healing, orthotic insoles need to provide robust and unyielding support. They are designed to be comfortable, too.

Improved Movement

Orthotic insoles are most commonly used by athletes or individuals that regularly engage in high-impact sports. This could be running or any sport or activity that involves jumping. This kind of movement puts an increased pressure on the thin tissue in the foot which can become inflamed, resulting in reduced mobility.

An Affordable Way To Deal With Pain

Orthotic insoles vary in cost. The starting price for premium quality insoles would be around £12 for a pair, but prices can go up as high as £35. The lifetime of these insoles vary, too, but a durable pair of orthotics should last between 4 and 6 months, but of course, this depends on how often you wear the shoes you have placed them in.

In comparison to anti-inflammatory medications, creams and more severe methods of dealing with the pain caused by your foot, such as medical massages, acupuncture and medical visits, this is an extremely affordable way to combat your concern.

Unfortunately, some people are just prone to foot pain, because of how their muscles have developed, how they learnt to work and their general health. It is vital take care of your feet!!

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