Are You Tired of Your Acne Scars? Try This

Your teenage years were filled with acne breakouts and mornings spent in front of the mirror, desperately trying to cover them up. Your acne has since calmed down, but the scars from those red zits and painful pimples have followed you into adulthood. The great news is that you can treat those long-time scars with laser therapy.

How Does Laser Therapy Work?

You have tried serums and creams to reduce the appearance of your scars, but they haven’t done much to help. You can still see all of the subtle grooves and bumps on your skin. Sometimes you get upset about their permanence and wonder if you’ll wear them into your golden years. 

You don’t have to get down on yourself. With laser therapy, you can change your skin. Go to a professional facility like NewDermaMed Laser Clinic and see what type of laser therapy is suited for you.They will figure this out by running a Complexion Analysis.

For acne scars, you might need Dual Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing, which combines two treatments into a single session. It starts with a Fractional Laser penetrating deep into the skin to eliminate damaged cells and to encourage rapid cell growth. Then, it’s followed by an Ultra-Laser Peel, which treats any imperfections sitting on the surface level.

The results don’t take a long time to see. Soon after the appointment, clients notice just how smooth and clear their skin looks. There’s a reason why laser treatment is considered one of the top things that dermatologists recommend for dealing with acne scarring. It’s effective, and it lasts a lot longer than full-coverage makeup.

Why Do You Have Acne Scars?

When you have a huge pimple on your cheek, your first instinct is to pop it. You just want to get rid of it. Unfortunately, this method of acne removal can lead to permanent scars. So, it doesn’t matter how satisfying those pimple popping videos look or how desperately you want to get rid of your zits — you shouldn’t poke or prod at them.

Squeezing, picking and poking can damage the skin. It can also force bacteria and debris into the dermis, causing more inflammation, slowing down the healing process and encouraging more acne to resurface.

If you can’t resist the urge to pop or pick, you can at least prevent acne scars by icing the area to remove inflammation and applying an anti-bacterial treatment after bursting it open. Then, let it heal. Don’t pick at the scab. Don’t put makeup over it. Keep it clean and leave it alone. Do this for the sake of your skin now, and for the sake of your skin in the future.

Your teenage breakouts don’t have to follow around for the rest of your life. You can get a chance at a clear complexion when you turn to a laser therapy clinic for help. In a few sessions, you will be amazed. The scars will fade to the point of being imperceptible, and your skin will be the smoothest and healthiest it’s been since you were a kid. 

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