Joe Poketo Recycled Suit Tote Incredible Creation

{YBA} Incredible creation is always appreciated and finally be trend setter in the fashion wheel. This post is about wonderful idea of old suit transformation into beautiful tote bag by Eco Party Mearry a Korean.

It is named after Joe Poketo’s dad, is 100% recycled tote with neatly stitched leather handles (also created from recycled leather couches), and a convenient pocket inside to carry many of your daily essentials. This beautiful creation is a result of 100% recycle process.

Each Joe Poketo Recycled Tote Bag is distinctly unique as it is made from one of a kind clothing and suits. To complete the sustainable aspect of the bag the leather straps are recycled from old couches, showing the endless possibilities of recycling.

It is a much better tote as people who see it will be laughing with you, not at the poor sap who would have worn it as a suit. I think it looks marvelous, quirky and fun, perfect for a stylish twist in every getup.

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