How to Care Different Skin Types

{YBA} Who does not want to be attractive, charming and beautiful? It is not possible to achieve this goal without the proper care of your skin. Purpose of writing this post is to share knowledge about skin care of different types.

Skin requires a good amount of protection because it is constantly exposed to environmental hazards such as sun rays, rain, hail, storm etc. Proper care will keep the skin healthy and glowing. But before digging the skin care tips, you might be naturally thinking,

How to know my skin type ? Answer and procedure is very simple.

Knowing your skin type is really very important, for example, you have oily skin and you are applying oil based cream on your skin, your skin will break into acne and pimples. So the first things about skin care is to know the type of your skin. Major types of skin are Normal skin, Oily skin, Dry skin, Combination skin and Sensitive skin. All skin types needs a different skin care regime and different kinds of cosmetics for each type.

1. How to care Normal skin

This type of skin is world famous for its capability to maintain a healthy balance between oil and moist contents. This skin is naturally healthy and needs only gentle treatment.

  • Normal cleaning, toning and moisturizing on the skin.
  • Once in a fortnight a face pack for normal skin can be applied to keep it fresh.

2. How to care Oily skin

It usually suffers from common skin problems such as white heads, spots, blemishes and pimples. The skin can easily attract dirt and dust from the outer environment due to the oil that appears on the skin. One needs to wash and clean this skin more often as all dirt and dust gets stick to it. It gets large and visible skin pores.

  • Cleanse two to three times a day.
  • Use astringent and rose water to wipe off with a cotton dab. Excessive use of beauty soap to wash the skin is not advisable.
  • During fall and winter months wash with glycerin soap, oil balancing soap, or foaming cleanser.
  • During spring and summer months use mild soap, an astringent containing salicylic acid, and oil-blotting tissues.
  • Gel creams and lotions are good for oily skin.
  • Clay and sandalwood powder packs are very good for oily skin.
  • A mild scrubber should be used on oily skin to remove black heads and dead skin cells.
  • Avoid consumption of fried and saturated food.

3. How to care Dry skin

People usually don’t like to possess this type of skin because it is known to result in wrinkles. However, this is not true. Dry skin requires more care like oily skin.

  • The skin lacks moisture and usually possesses a dry and parched appearance. It has a tendency to flack easily. So requires to apply good amount of night creams and moisturizers. This helps retaining its healthy glow.
  • During fall and winter cleanse with rich milky cleanser with emollient.
  • During summer and spring use lighter milky cleanser or a moisturizing bar.
  • Use plenty of water because dry skin needs lots of water to hydrate the skin and requires lots of moister as the body produces less sebum then required by the body.

4. How to care Combination skin

Most of the people have combination skin. Combination skin is somewhere dry and somewhere oily.

  • Applying moisturizers concentrate on dry area more. Apply it little on oily part of the face and properly on the dry area to avoid dray patches on face.
  • Best way to balancing combination skin is, while getting up in the morning spread the oil what you get on the oily area on all over the face, then wash it without soap.
  • During fall and winter months cleanse twice a day with milky cleanser or a mild, non-soap cleansing bar.
  • During spring and summer use glycerin soap and mild toner, but switch to astringent during hot weather.
  • Never use any soap on face in the morning before taking bath as natural oil on the face is very good for the skin to keep it moist and young.

5. How to care Sensitive Skin

Skin is sensitive to dirt, dust, sun and most of the cream, soaps and lotions. It requires a lot of care while using anything on sensitive skin.

  • Use all mild skin products as face wash, moisturizers and face packs specially made for sensitive skin.
  • Avoid perfumed soaps and lotions on sensitive skin.

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