10 Cool Tips To Applying Airbrush Makeup

Airbrush makeup is any makeup that is applied with an airbrush rather than with the traditional tools that you might associate with makeup application. Professional makeup artists have used airbrush makeup to achieve the look of perfection in magazines for a long time now. This type of makeup goes onto your skin a lot like spray paint it’s diffused evenly instead of sitting on your skin as a thick layer of liquid or powder. I’ve put together this massive list of airbrush makeup tips as a guide for beginners and experienced airbrushes alike.

The Most Best Airbrush Makeup Tips and Techniques

  1. First of all, When starting out, practice with water first to get a feel for the different settings of the compressor and airbrush gun.
  2. Preparing your skin before applying airbrush makeup is essential. Wash your face and apply a light moisturizer to smooth out your skin. Airbrush makeup easily clumps so even the slightest dry patches on your skin will be accentuated by the makeup.
  3. Use a good primer before application. Even though this type of makeup can give you a flawless finish, it still is a good idea to use a good primer before applying any type of foundation to your skin.
  4. Use the air coming from the compressor as a guide. Wherever you feel the air on your face is where the makeup will be applied.
  5. Cleaning your airbrush equipment thoroughly is necessary to ensure the makeup flows through the nozzle evenly.
  6. Avoid over-spray, especially when applying foundation as a concealer. This will result in hot spots where makeup is thicker and does not dry as fast as the rest of the makeup. When isolating blemishes, use short bursts of spray and release the trigger before pulling away.
  7. Make sure you blend in your neck with the rest of the foundation to avoid a massive contrast.
  8. To avoid blotchy areas of uneven makeup never end an airbrush motion directly over the skin; rather, continue each motion about an inch beyond the skin in mid air.
  9. A dual action airbrush allows you to spray air which you can use as a guide to locating the correct target areas for your makeup. You can also use the air to dry off the makeup after application.
  10. When cleaning your airbrush gun with water, always use distilled water which is free from harmful minerals that may build up in your gun over time and causes blockage.

Hope you will like and follow these useful airbrush makeup tips. If you know about eye makeup tricks and pale skin makeup so, read and follow these tips.

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