10 Best Fruits That Will Give You Glowing Skin

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your skin, a change in diet may make a difference. Without consuming adequate amounts of certain vitamins and minerals, your skin may become dry and dull looking. Fruits are nutrient dense foods and certain ones will help create youthful, glowing skin.

Here are many fruits that not only will give you a better complexion but will also control your diet.  Make them a part of your eating routine and see what difference they make on your skin. And these fruits will naturally give you other positive effects for the rest of your body.

The Best Fruits For Glowing Skin

Learning these fundamental but important traits can lead to a better assessment of your skin care goals and save you valuable time and money.

1. Berries:

Blueberries, black currants, blackberries, raspberries, cranberries and strawberries help the body produce collagen, responsible for giving skin that supple and smooth look. “Berries, especially blueberries, are loaded with antioxidant compounds that are very effective in neutralizing damaging free radicals,” said Jackson. Free radicals are generated in the skin by excessive UV exposure and lead to skin cell damage, premature skin aging.

2. Apricots:

Love eating Apricots? Your skin will love it too. If you have dry skin, apricots will be a blessing to you. Super rich in Vitamin A, this fruit will rejuvenate your skin instantly, plus, it’ll iron out any sign of wrinkles! Did you know that the natural oils present in apricots enable your skin to produce more sebum? Don’t be confused. This basically means that it adds a layer of protection to your skin.

If you find eating apricots boring, then let us suggest a fun recipe to you. Not to eat lady, to apply on your face! Take two or three apricots and blend 2 cups of yogurt to make a thick paste. Apply it on your face and wash it off after 10 minutes. To add a zing of freshness to this mixture, add a tablespoon of honey. We guarantee you’ll be addicted to this lovely face pack.

3. Avocados:

Avocados are one of those fruits that will give you glowing skin especially if you suffer from dryness. Avocados are great moisturizers. Just mash up half an avocado, apply the pulp to your skin, leave it for 1 minute and rinse.

4. Papayas:

You must have heard the word ‘exfoliation’ a whole lot in beauty magazines and ads. What’s the big deal about it? Nothing much! Make sure you get your intake of papayas and you won’t have to worry about things like exfoliation! Let us explain- the enzymes present in papayas help open up the pores of your skin when you rub the pulp of the fruit softly. Are you being harassed by freckles and brown spots?

No amount of cream is going to help you. But eating papaya is the key! Your oily skin hassles will be solved in a jiffy with this papaya solution. We’ve also heard of a lot of remedies that use papaya seeds, but we are not suggesting it to you, because frankly, we think it sounds a little yucky!

5. Apples:

Apples are one of the many fruits that will give you glowing skin. They not only tone and condition your skin but also help repair skin and fight acne. Just add a few tablespoons of fresh apple juice to your bath to cleanse and soften your skin.

6. Grapefruit:

Grapefruits are available in pink or white and have their most distinct flavor during the winter months. For 55 calories, you can consume most of your daily recommended amount of vitamin C. Pink grapefruits also contain lycopene, a nutrient that fights free radicals and helps keep your skin looking radiant.

Slice a pink grapefruit in half and enjoy it with your breakfast cereal. If you aren’t that fond of the tartness of grapefruit, try it in its juice form. While grape juice contains the highest antioxidant levels among all fruit juices, grapefruit juice ranks high as well. Limit your juice intake to one 4 to 6 oz. serving per day to avoid consuming too much added sugars typically found in fruit juice.

7. Cantaloupe:

Cantaloupe is rich in the antioxidant vitamin C to keep your skin glowing. As a bonus, it is extremely high in vitamin A, a vitamin that maintains and repairs your skin. Cantaloupe has a mere 60 calories in one serving, but delivers more than 100 percent of your daily vitamins A and C. It makes a wonderful snack or dessert during the summer months.

8. Pineapples:

Pineapples have a great effect on your skin. They not only cleanse and soften your skin. They also help in rejuvenating dull and dry skin. Don’t restrict yourself to your face. Use a slice of pineapple and rub it all over your body in the shower and you will instantly feel fresher.

9. Pomegranates:

Somehow, we’ve never enjoyed pomegranate as a fruit. And that’s why we use it more as a face pack. You will love the coolness and the feeling of the raw seeds rub against the skin of your face. What you can do is– just batter and mash the seeds to make a pulp and then add in it whatever toner you use. You can even make pomegranate juice and cool it in the freezer. Then take a cotton swab and dab the droplets to make your skin feel fresh. This is a summer trick; keep your skin glowing and beautiful!

10. Bananas:

Bananas are great skin cleansers. They also help to tighten the skin and moisturize dry skin. Just mash a banana into a pulp and use it as a facial mask. You will find that your skin begins to feel tighter and shinier.

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